Id 650 Mibbing Among Healthcare Professionals In Healthcare Centre New Belgrade

Kis-Veljkovic M, Sretenovic V, Malis O, Vidanovic I
Serbia and Montenegro
Aim(s) or purpose: The objective of the research was to identify the incidence of the mobbing among employees in the Healthcare Centre New Belgrade and to examine if the occurrence of mobbing is dependent on the basic socio demographic characteristics of the studied population.
Design and method: The applied method of research was based on the questionnaire, approved by Serbian Medical Association. All employees in Healthcare Centre answered the questionnaire Methods of descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data evaluation.
Results: 306 employees answered the questionnaire, 46 employees (16.0 %) reported that they feel themselves as victims of mobbing, 66 persons (21.6 %) considered theirs colleagues and 12 (4.2 %) employees considered theirs supervisors as the victims of mobbing. Mail population was more frequent (17.9 %) versus the female population (15.8 %), but difference in incidence of mobbing due to the sex was not proved p = 0.781. According to the questionnaire, the occurrence of mobbing was the highest among those who had the lowest education-primary school (25.0 %), the faculty graduates (16.8 %) and secondary school employees (16.6 %) reported themselves as victims, and high schools employees reported the lowest rate of mobbing (8.0 %); the observed differences between education groups were not statistically significant (p = 0.678). Those who reported themselves as victims of mobbing pointed out the supervisors as responsible persons for mobbing in most cases (27.3 %), and in lower percentage the responsible persons were their other colleagues (17.5 %). These employees described their bosses in 27.3 % of cases, and their other colleagues in 20 % of cases as observers of mobbing.
Conclusions: In conclusion: further research in this field is necessary in order to find the optimal mechanisms to increase the awareness of this problem, to assess its magnitude, as well as to establish and develop mechanisms for solving it. Management / Economics of healthcare
ID 650
Mibbing among healthcare professionals in healthcare Centre new Belgrade