Id 684 Protocols About Detection Of Victims Of Domestic Violence In Emergency Departments In Spain: Diagnosis Of Situation

Sánchez Ramón S, Salvador Sánchez L, Rivas Vilas M, Fernández Alonso C, Herreros Velázquez S
Aim(s) or purpose: Gender violence is a serious social problem, with consequences on the physical and emotional health of the women who suffer it. It is fundamental that health providers know the dynamics of gender violence and the symptoms in women. The emergency departments are one of the main places for detection of this problem. To perform a diagnosis of situation, analysing the protocols about detection and/or management of the victims of gender violence in hospitals belonging to the National Health System in Spain
Design and method: 204 Hospitals belonging to National Health System, which have Emergency Departments. A structured questionnaire was designed including questions about several aspects of attention to gender Violence in their Emergency Services. It was performed through a computer aided telephonic interviews, with the support of fax and e-mail. Statistical analysis of data was done with the computer program SPSS v 14.0 for Windows. A database was specifically developed. The results were expressed as the average 1 - standard deviation for quantitative variables and as percent for the qualitative ones.
Results: The answer rate has been 78,9 % in Spanish hospitals. 45.3 % have a responsible for the program of gender violence. 19.3 % of the hospitals use their own protocol. 50.3 % of the hospitals have a specific record of the cases. 86.6 % of the hospitals have not any kind of screening, questionnaire or key questions for the early detection. There is a commission for Gender violence in 22.4 % of the hospitals. The role of Manager of gender Violence Cases exists in 14.3 %
Conclusions: A high degree of participation has been achieved among the Spanish hospitals. It is important to highlight the existence of a commission of violence and a Case Management in some hospitals in our environment to detect this problem and be able to refer these cases. The existence of protocols of actuation in the Emergency Services and the awareness of the health professionals about them would dramatically improve the attention to victims of domestic violence.
ID 684
Protocols about detection of victims of domestic violence in emergency departments in Spain: diagnosis of situation