Id 687 Validation Of A Complex Systems Model Of Health

Topolski S
United States
Aim(s) or purpose: The study of complexity has been advanced as a method to better understand health and illness. Models have been proposed to improve health systems that care for people. Objective: to test the previously published complex systems model of health for validity in real world application.
Design and method: Design: pilot research to guide larger epidemiological efforts included exploration of the model’s phase space for robustness, a comparison of its manifold to published growth, development, and mortality curves, and the derivation of a basin of attraction from the model to predict average health of a population at different observed ages.
Results: Preliminary areas of both agreement and divergence were identified between model predictions and population observation. Support was found for previously published work in health theory by Engel and Fine. Epidemiological data improved the agreement between model and observed phenomenon.
Conclusions: The study of complexity reveals new methods for measuring health, improves our human understanding of health and illness, and may guide fundamental change in the medical care of families and individuals.
ID 687
Validation of a complex systems model of health