Id 824 Secondary Prevention In Ischaemic Cardiopathy

Soler Elcacho C, Muixí Mora A, Escuer Mateu MP, Falguera Vilamajor M, Marí López A, Torres Justribó M
Aim(s) or purpose: Knowing the proportion of pharmacological prescription of four groups of medicines: antiaggregant, B-Blocking, IECA/ARA II and hypolipidaemic, recommended for the correct secondary prevention in population with precedents of ischaemic cardiopathy(IC) in our area.
Design and method: Design: Transversal descriptive study of authorization of medicines. Emplacement: National System of Health, extra-hospital area of a sanitary region city. The Basic Area of Health of our city has a population assigned the year 2006 according to the poll of 149.781 inhabitants. Principal measurements: The information about the consumption of antiaggregants, B-blockers, IECAS/ARAII and hypolipidaemic was obtained of the dispensations of medicines realized by means of prescriptions of the National System of Health, across which the following variables have been obtained: age, sex, n º of patients with IC in treatment and type of prescribed medicine. The information and characteristics of the population have been obtained of and-CAP.
Results: Of the population of 149.78,1907 patients’ cases were situated with precedents of ischaemic cardiopathy, a 1,27 %. The interval of age with IC’s major prevalence is between 75 and 84, with a prevalence of 35 %, of which 14,4 % are women and 20,7 % men. The prevalence of prescription of antiaggregant in patients with IC is 80 %, the one of B- blockers 48,6 %, IECA or ARA II 47,8 % and finally of hypolipidaemic is 63,9 %. The prevalence prescription of the association antiaggregant and B- blockers in our sanitary area is 45,6 %. The prevalence of prescription of the combination of platelets antiaggregants, B- blockers and IECA // ARA II is 26,3 %. The prevalence of treatment with the association of antiaggregants, B- blockers and hypolipidaemic is 37,5 %.
Conclusions: In spite of the fact that the studies have demonstrated the efficiency of certain treatments in the secondary prevention, concretely in this case with antiaggregant, B- blockers and IECA/ARA II and / or hypolipidaemic,if they are indicated, an insufficient level of action continues existing to this level in our sanitary region.
ID 824
Secondary prevention in ischaemic cardiopathy