Minutes WONCA Europe Council Meeting, Prague 2013

Wonca Europe Annual Council Meeting Prague 2013

Corinthia Hotel,Friday, June 21st  (11.00 – 17.00)



  1. Ilse Hellemann - Austrian Society of General Practice/Family Medicine
  2. Dragomir Petric – The Croatian Association of Family Medicine
  3. Bohumil Seifert – Czech Society of General Practice
  4. Lars Gehlert Johansen – The Danish College of General Practitioners
  5. Rob Dijkstra – Dutch College of General Practitioners
  6. Paula Vainiomäki – The Finnish Association for General Practice/

Proxy for Estonian Society of Family Doctors

  1. Peter Engeser – German Colleges of General Practitioners and Family Physicians
  2. Mary Sheehan – Irish College of General Practitioners
  3. Shlomo Vinker – Israel Association of Family Physicians
  4. Marit Hermansen - Norwegian College of General Practitioners/

Proxy for Swedish Association of General Practice

  1. Alexandre Gouveia – Portuguese Association of GP and FM
  2. Kiril Soleski - Association of GP/FM of FYR Macedonia
  3. Sandra Adalgiza Alexiu – Romanian National Society of Family Medicine
  4. Jana Bendova – The Slovak Society of General Practitioners
  5. Mateja Bulc – Slovenian Family Medicine Society also EUROPREV/

Proxy for Serbian Association of General Practitioners/Family Medicine

  1. Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz - Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine
  2. Yesim Uncu – Turkish Association of Family Practitioners
  3. GrigoryI.Lysenko – The Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine
  4. Luisa Pettigrew  - Royal College of General Practitioners
  5. Ines Balint – Croatian Family Physicians Coordination (KOHOM)




1.    Manfred Maier - Austrian Society of General Practice/Family Medicine

2.    Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko - Croatian Family Physicians Coordination (KOHOM)

3.    Vaclav Beneš – Czech Society of General Practice

4.    Peter Torsten Soerensen – The Danish College of General Practitioners

  1. Joao Sequeira Carlos – Portugese Association of GP and FM
  2. Raluca Zoitanu – Romanian National Society of Family Medicine
  3. Peter Liptak – The Slovak Society of General Practitioners
  4. Victoria Tkachenko – The Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine

9.    Andree Rochfort - EQUIP



From the Wonca Europe Executive Board and Wonca Europe Office:

Tony Mathie - President of Wonca Europe

Anna Stavdal – Vice President of Wonca Europe

Carl Steylaerts – Hon. Treasurer of Wonca Europe

Job F. M. Metsemakers - Hon. Secretary of Wonca Europe

Janko Kersnik - EURACT representative

Mehmet Ungan – EGPRN representative

Tina Eriksson - EQUIP representative

Harris Lygidakis – VdGM Representative

Barbara Toplek - Wonca Europe Secretariat

Nina Štojs – ZRDM, Wonca Europe Secretariat


Guests (14.00 – 14.20): Prof Richard Roberts (Wonca President) and Prof Michael Kidd (Wonca President Elect)




  1. Welcome by the President

Tony Mathiewelcomed the Council.

  1. Determination of Quorum:

The quorum should be a simple majority of the Member Countries of Wonca Europe (including proxies) who have paid their dues. 21 of 47member organizations were present, quorum was reached:.

47 countries; 7 not paid; 5 associate members= 35 with voting rights// present 18 +3 proxies so 21; 21 on 35 is more than half


  1. Approval of the Agenda

Agenda was approved.


Bohumil Seifert welcomed the Council and gave a short report about the upcoming Wonca Conference in Prague. Aspecial mobile application has been prepared for the attendees of the Conference.


  1. Approval of the Minutes, Vienna, July 2012

Minutes were approved.

·         Matters arising from the Minutes: No matters arose from the previous minutes.


  1. President’s Report

Written report was sent to the Council. No questions from the Council.


  1. Honorary Treasurer’s Report

Carl Steylaerts presented his financial report on the budget for 2013, and the budget for the next triennium 2014 – 2016 (appendix 1).

Wonca Europe will not receive any conference levy this year, making it a difficult budget with a predicted deficit of around € 135.000. For each of the coming years a small positive result is projected.


An audit for the year 2012 has to be carried out. Normally the audit is performed by the auditor of Wonca World, but the current CEO wants to leave that with the regional organisations. The treasurer will select an auditor. During the Wonca Europe Council 2014 the reports of 2012 and 2013 will be presented to Council.


 The financial report and budget 2014-2016 were approved by the Council.


  1. Reports from the Network Organizations

·         European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN)

Mehmet Ungan reported.

·         EuropeanAcademyof Teachers in General Practice (EURACT)

Janko Kersnik reported.

·         European Association for Quality in General Practice/Family Medicine (EQuiP)

Tina Eriksson reported. Clarifications about the membership fees were given to the Council. Fee structure is available on EQuiP website(written report also in appendix 2).

·         European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA)

Written report included in the papers. John Wynn Jones is Chair-Electof Wonca Working Party on RuralPractice

·         European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice (EUROPREV)

Mateja Bulc reported.

·         Vasco da Gama Movement

Harris Lygidakis reported. If WW approves proposed bylaws changes, a young GP will be appointed in the Executive Board of Wonca


All reports were accepted by the Council.


  1. Reports from the WESIG’s:

We received no written reports from WESIGs. A joint meeting with EURIPA, EUROPREV and present WESIGs will be held during the conference in Prague.


  1. OpenMinds Invitation

OpenMinds Primary care is a pan-European primary care steering group, sponsored by Mundipharma International, focused on supporting primary care physicians in the effective management of chronic pain.

Wonca Europe was invited to join a European Pain Assessment Charter committee, a specially convened expert group to develop the European Pain Assessment Charter to ensure it truly reflects the needs of primary care physicians across Europe.


Decision: The Council accepted a proposal to find out if a special interest group on this topic - independent from OpenMinds initiative - can be set up.

Invitation to join such a group will be extended to national colleges and associations. The Secretary will write a letter to OpenMinds informing them that Wonca Europe at this moment will not participate in OpenMinds.



  1. Report from Wonca Europe Membership Committee

Job Metsemakers reported. The Committee will continue to monitor the situation on the following topics:

·         Identify countries which have not paid their dues for several years

The Committee will act on the current overview in collaboration with the treasurer.

·         Identify countries which are official Wonca members but have not been present for the last three years.

·         Identify countries which belong to the European region and which are not yet a member


  1. Country Reports:

We received interesting reports from 13 countries (Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom). Tony Mathie thanked those countries and invited others to send them too. The reports will be published on the website. Late reports will be enclosed in the minutes.

Council members were invited to read the reports and use them as a starting point for interchange with other countries.


  1. European Journal of General Practice
Job Metsemakers reported on behalf of Jelle Stoffers, chief editor of EJGP. Written report was included in the council papers. The EJGP is in good shape and the council recognized the large amount of work which has been done. The Secretary will write a letter to Jelle Stoffers complimenting him and his team for their work.


Informa has offered all Member Organisations a free trial for 3-4 months so member would have the opportunity to access the EJGP. The response was less then expected. Currently only 5 countries have the link working, and around 9 are setting it up.

The Secretary will invite the countries which have not reacted as Informa continues to offer this trial.


In a teleconference of Jelle Stoffers (EJGP), Anneke Germeraad (EJGP), Hakan Parup (Publisher), and Job Metsemakers (WE EB) several options for the future were discussed such as author charged publication, online version only.

The publisher will present a business case in September 2013 which should lead to decisions in the Council in Lisbon.



  1. Wonca World Matters

Tony Mathie reported from the Wonca World EB meeting in Prague.

Bylaws changes will be on the agenda of the World Council: Young GP in the WW EB, limited time for members in Executive Board (12 years), the possibility of biannual Wonca World Conferences will be proposed (the next conference after Rio de Janeiro 2016 to be held in 2018 or 2019 (Hong Kong or South Korea).

The Council expressed concern that this decision will have a bad impact on the European budget.


  1. Wonca Europe website:

Carl Steylaerts reported. Harris Lygidakis will take over in July 2013.

Further work to be done: for Lisbon 2014 conference (abstract acceptation process, payment of subscriptions, reservations of rooms).

The WE Website will contain abstracts from Conferences. At this moment abstracts are missing from: 1996 Stockholm, 1998 Dublin, 1999 Palma de Mallorca, 2004 Orlando, 2008 Istanbul.

The next steps are the incorporation of the following websites: EGPRN, EURACT, EQUIP and EGJP, Istanbul 2015, Copenhagen 2016

Webmaster performed well.


  1. European Definition of General Practice

Janko Kersnik presented EURACT view on the potential changes of the definition.

Wonca Europe Council accepted the proposal to do only minor editing changes to make the text more coherent. To be done by writers. Janko Kersnik and Job Metsemakers to proceed in that direction.


  1. Collaboration with UEMO and EFPC

Written report was sent to the Council.

A joint workshop with UEMO and EFPC will be held in Prague. Tony Mathie acknowledged the good work of Anna Stavdal in the past triennium.


  1. 5 Star Doctor Award:

The winner of the Wonca Europe Award of Excellence in Health Care: The 5-Star Doctor 2013 is Athanasios Symeonidis, nominated by the Greek Association of General Practitioners (ELEGEIA). The award will be handed over during a short ceremony on Thursday, June 27th, noon.

Athanasios Symeonidiswill be one of the three European candidates for the Wonca World 5-Star Doctor Award of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.


  1. Montegut Scholarship 2013

Dr Anca-Alexandra Matusz from Romania was selected as the Montegut Global Scholar 2013 from the Wonca Europe region. In compliance with the policy established for the Montegut Global Scholars Program, the scholarship (3000 USD) will be handed over to her during a short ceremony on Thursday, June 27th, noon.


At this point the Council was pleased to receive the World President Prof Richard Roberts and the President Elect Prof Michael Kidd. Prof Roberts welcomed the Council on behalf of Wonca World Executive and acknowledged the strong position of Wonca Europe region in Wonca.


  1. Wonca Europe Executive Board Election

Wonca Europe Executive Board for the period 2013-2016 was elected:


·         President: Job Metsemakers, The Netherlands,

·         Vice President: Anna Stavdal, Norway, 

·         Honorary Secretary: Janko Kersnik, Slovenia

·         Honorary Treasurer: Carl Steylaerts, Belgium


Representatives from Network Organizations in Wonca Europe Executive Board:


·         Roar Maagaard, Denmark for EURACT

·         Mehmet Ungan, Turkeyfor EGPRN

·         Andree Rochfort, Ireland for EQuiP


Job Metsemakers welcomed the new board members, Roar Maagaard and Andree Rochfort who will serve as EURACT and EQUIP representatives.


Tony Mathie thanked Tina Eriksson for her dedication and hard work as EQUIP representative. She received a present as a token of our appreciation.


Anna Stavdal thanked the past president, Tony Mathie, for his inspiring leadership and significant contributions to Wonca. He received presents as token of our appreciation.


  1. Statutory Committees Elections 2013 - 2016


Nominating Committee:

·         Anna Stavdal, Norway (Chair)

·         Rob Dijkstra, The Netherlands

·         Joao Sequeira Carlos, Portugal


Finance Committee (elections for two available seats were held – three candidates: Josep M. Vilaseca, Luisa Pettigrew and Zalika Klemenc Ketis):

·         EB member to be appointed (Chair)

·         Carl Steylaerts, Belgium

·         Zalika Klemenc Ketis, Slovenia

·         Luisa Pettigrew, UK


Membership Committee:

·         EB member to be appointed  (Chair)

·         Janko Kersnik, Slovenia

·         Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz, Spain



Bylaws Committee:

·         EB member to be appointed (Chair)

·         Amanda Howe, UK (stepped down when elected as President-elect Wonca World)

·         Bodossakis Merkouris, Greece

·         Danica Rotar Pavlic, Slovenia


  1. Future Conferences

·         Wonca Europe Conference: 2 – 5 July 2014, Portugal

The report was given by Jose Sequeira Carlos.

·         Wonca Europe Conference: Istanbul, Turkey 2015

The report was given by Yesim Uncu.


·         New bidding procedure:


New bidding procedure was proposed by the Council.

It will offer bidding countries a better opportunity to present themselves and also provide EB and Council with more detailed information on relevant issues for a successful conference:

-   the secretariat sends out the Invitation to bid directly after the Wonca Europe Conference Current Year +4 ( in July 2013 we will invite bids for 2017)

-   the bids have to be in by December of that same year

-   the secretariat will review the bid(s) in relation to the requirements stated in the Bidding Procedure 2013

-   if necessary the secretariat will request more or more detailed information

-   Wonca Europe EB will discuss the proposal(s) in the EB spring meeting, and will ask additional information if needed

-   The bids will be included in the Council papers including a clear overview of the most relevant issues as stated in the Bidding Procedure 2013

-   Bidding countries will get a 10 min time slot: 5 minutes to present the relevant issues and 5 minutes to add personal/cultural flavour

-   Council can ask additional questions and will make the decision.

-   Countries will know the decision three years ahead of the conference (Council 2014 will decide on 2017 conference venue)


Council approved the new bidding procedure


·         Wonca Europe Conference: 16 – 18 June 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

The contract was signed between Wonca Europe and The Nordic Federation of General Practice(NFGP).


·         Next Wonca Europe Conferences:


Czech and Greek Colleges expressed their interest in organizing the conference in 2017 and the Dutch College in 2018.


  1. Next Council Meeting in Lisbon 2014: 2nd July, 11.00 -16.30 (exact time to be determined)

EB meeting in the morning or day earlier - to be decided.


  1. Any other business: /


  1. Presentation Anniversary Fund:

In 2012 the Anniversary Fund of 100.000 USD was given to the project: “Chronic Condition Patient Self-management in General Practice” submitted by EQuiP in collaboration with the Irish College of General Practitioners, the Institute of General Practice, University of Jena, Germany and Duodecim, Finnish Medical Society.


A report on the current status of the project was given by the project lead Andree Rochfort. Council was content with the process and looks forward to further updates and the end result


  1. Report and discussion based on the work of the Vienna working groups

Future plan for Wonca Europe 2013 – 2016:


Group Sessions


The council read the document named Future plan for Wonca Europe.

A group session took place on the background of the document, with the following four questions:


·         Did we forget important domains or topics?

·         What are the three top priorities?

·         Do you have specific suggestions how to work on the different topics?

·         Are you willing to participate in the process and for which topic?


Members of EB sat in the groups in order to take minutes and report back.  


Short sum up from the group sessions:


Janko Kersnik:

·         Visibility is priority

·         Website - links with national pages

·         Social media (twitter, facebook)

·         Exchange of best practices

·         Calendar of national events

·         “Image committee”


Carl Steylaerts:

·         WE accountable to all GPs in Europe

·         Visit more countries; make more statements (from country reports?)

·         40 Wonca ambassadors to be selected to go to national conferences to make it more visible wearing Wonca T shirts

·         Webinars, videos


Mehmet Ungan:

·         Missing point?

·         Re-check the wording in the document

·         What are we doing?

·         We don’t reach the real GPs – how to engage them?

·         Standardised trainings

·         More relations with the local people during the conference


Job Metsemakers:

·         Link between Wonca and Colleges

·         Link between Wonca and GPs

·         Acknowledge adversity

·         Conference – find paper “how to organize conference” (written by Arno, Manfred)

·         Materials available

·         Country reports – important parts to be summarised

·         What we missed: to focus on WE master trainings (in cooperation with EURACT)


Reports will be discussed in the Executive. The plan will be restructured, task forces developed, networks will be contacted for support, if needed.


Comment from Rob Dijkstra: our primary stake holder should be institutions (individual GPs are secondary).


The meeting was adjourned at 16.45.