Minutes WONCA Europe Council Meeting, Vienna 2012

Wonca Europe Council Meeting Vienna 2012
       Wednesday, July 4th, 9.00 – 16.00


Venue: Intercontinental Hotel Wien


1. Ilse Hellemann - Austrian Society of General Practice/Family Medicine
2. Christel Foriers - Belgian Society of General Practitioners/Family Physicians
3. Danijel Atijas – Association of Family Medicine in Republic Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
4. Mario Malnar – Coordination of Croatian Family Doctors (KOHOM)
5. Dragomir Petric – The Croatian Association of Family Medicine
6. Bohumil Seifert – Czech Society of General Practice
7. Lars Gehlert Johansen - Danish College of General Practitioners
8. Rob Dijkstra – Dutch College of General Practitioners
9. Ruth Kalda – Estonian Society of Family Doctors
10. Paula Vainiomäki – Finnish Association for General Practice
11. Jean-Pierre Jacquet – French National College (CNGE)
12. Argyriadou Stella - Greek Association of General Practitioners (ELEGEIA)
13. Eamonn R. Shanahan – Irish College of General Practitioners
14. Shlomo Vinker – Israel Association of Family Physicians
15. Ernesto Mola – ASSIMEFAC, Italy
16. Giorgio Visentin – CSERMEG, Italy
17. Marit Hermansen - Norwegian College of General Practitioners
18. Maciek Godycki-Cwirko – The College of Family Physician in Poland, also representing General Practice Respiratory Infections Network (GRIN)
19. Alexandre Gouveia – Portuguese Association of GP
20. Ljubin Sukriev - Association of GP/FM of Republic of Macedonia
21. Rodica Tanasescu – Romanian Society of Family Medicine
22. Elena Novichkova - All Russian Fund - Association of General Practitioners of Russian Federation
23. Snežana Janković – Serbian Association of General Practitioners/Family Medicine
24. Jana Bendova – The Slovak Society of General Practitioners
25. Mateja Bulc – Slovenian Family Medicine Society
26. Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz - Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine
27. Heritier Francois – Swiss Society of General Medicine
28. Yesim Uncu – Turkish Association of Family Practitioners
29. Grigory I. Lysenko - Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine
30. Luisa Pettigrew - Royal College GP, UK

1. Manfred Maier - Austrian Society of General Practice/Family Medicine
2. Tanja Pekez-Pavlisko - KOHOM (Coordination of Croatian Family Doctors)
3. Vaclav Beneš – Czech Society of General Practice
4. Peter Torsten Soerensen – Danish College of General Practice/Family Medicine
5. Mehmet Ungan – ESCPG, also EGPRN representative in the Wonca Europe Executive Board
6. John Wynn Jones - European Rural and Isolated Practitioner Association (EURIPA)
7. Jose Lopez Abuin - European Rural and Isolated Practitioner Association (EURIPA)
8. Pekka Honkanen - The Finnish Association for General Practice
9. Antonis Batikas - Greek Association of General Practitioners
10. Christos Lionis - Greek Association of General Practitioners
11. Sghedoni Donatella – CSERMEG
12. Gunta Ticmane – Rural Family Doctors Association of Latvia
13. Pinar Topsever - PCDE
14. Rui Nogueira - Portuguese Association of General Practitioners
15. Sandra Adalgiza Alexiu - Romanian National Society of Family Medicine
16. Victoria Tkachenko – Vasco da Gama Movement
17. Josep M Vilaseca – Statutory Committee of Finance Wonca Europe, Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine
18. Miguel Ramon Rodriguez - International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)
19. Svein Henrichsen - International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)
20. Michael Kidd - Wonca President Elect
21. Alfred Loh, Wonca CEO
22. Francine Lemire – Executive Member at Large & Honorary Treasurer
23. Pavlo Kolesnik – Montegut Scholar 2012

From the Wonca Europe Executive Board and Wonca Europe Office:
Tony Mathie - President of Wonca Europe
Anna Stavdal – Vice President of Wonca Europe
Carl Steylaerts – Hon. Treasurer of Wonca Europe
Job F. M. Metsemakers - Hon. Secretary of Wonca Europe
Janko Kersnik - EURACT representative
Tina Eriksson - EQUIP representative
Barbara Toplek - Wonca Europe Secretariat


Council Meeting - Part 1 (9.00 - 10.00)
1. Welcome by the President
Tony Mathie welcomed the Council.
Determination of Quorum: The quorum should be a simple majority of the Member Countries of Wonca Europe (including proxies) who have paid their dues. 30 of 47 member organizations were present, quorum was reached.

2. Approval of the Agenda
Agenda was approved.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Warsaw, October 2011
Minutes were approved.
• Matters arising from the Minutes: No matters arose from the previous minutes.

4. President’s Report
Written report was sent to the council.
Dr Garth Manning has been selected as the new CEO of Wonca, succeeding Alfred Loh. He will take over at the next Wonca World Executive Board meeting in London, October 2012. The Wonca World secretariat will be located in Thailand, with the new secretarial assistants. Dr Garth Manning will address the Open Meeting.
Message of support for full recovery was sent to Prof Richard Roberts, Wonca President.
Acknowledgments and thanks for their contributions were given to Arno Timmermans and Bodossakis Merkouris in their absence.

5. Honorary Treasurer’s Report
Carl Steylaerts reported. There is a difference of 3.000 USD on the income side that can’t be found in the accounting books. We will seek advice from the auditors.
The financial report was approved.

6. Reports from the Network Organizations
• European General Practice Research Network (EGPRN)
Mehmet Ungan reported.
• European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT)
Janko Kersnik reported.
• European Association for Quality in General Practice /Family Medicine (EQuiP)
Tina Eriksson reported.
• European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA)
John Wynn Jones reported. Tony Mathie paid tribute to his commitment and great work.
• European Network for Prevention and Health Promotion in Family Medicine and General Practice (EUROPREV)
Mateja Bulc reported.
• Vasco da Gama Movement
Victoria Tkachenko reported.
The first EB meeting with the VdGM representative in the board took place in Vienna.

7. Reports from the WESIG’s:
GRIN: Maciek reported. IPCRG: Miguel Roman reported.

8. Replacement of Arno Timmermans in the Nomination Committee
Two candidates were nominated from the floor: Rob Dijkstra and Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz. After the voting, Rob Dijkstra has been elected to replace Arno Timmermans.

9. New composition of the Executive Board

The following recommendations for the 2013-2016 triennium have been accepted by the Council:
a. President
b. Vice President
c. Hon Secretary
d. Hon Treasurer

All nominated by Colleges, elected by Council and serving for not more than two terms of three years in a particular office.

e. a member on behalf of EURACT
f. a member on behalf of EGPRN
g. a member on behalf of EQUIP
each elected by Council from two candidates nominated by the Network and serving for not more than two terms of three years in this capacity.

h. a member on behalf of Vasco da Gama nominated by the VdGM Executive to serve a single term of three years.

This triennium will be a pilot, meaning that the Bylaws will not be changed in 2013. Evaluation of the pilot will lead to a new recommendation regarding the period after 2016.
A proposal from EURIPA to appoint one of the EB members as official link to the other networks and WESIGs.

10. European Journal of General Practice
Jelle Stoffers, chief editor of EJGP reported. Future possibilities about the open access, advertisement, conference abstracts in the EJGP were discussed.
We recognize the large amount of work which has been done.
First impact factor ever 1.130 for the European Journal of General Practice, rank 8/14 in category Primary Health Care (median IF 2.69).
A proposal from the Council to register www.ejgp.eu domain.
A proposal to use social networks more, on-line editions on smart phones. No more printed papers, just the E-journal. The general impression of the council is not in favour of the proposals form the publisher. The prices are still too high. Council members should be subscribed for the journal. Further negotiations with the publisher will follow during the EJGP meeting on Friday. The Executive Board will inform the Council of the results of our later discussion with the publisher.

11. Collaboration with UEMO and EFPC
Written report was sent to the Council. Anna Stavdal invited all to a joint symposium with UEMO, EFPC and Wonca Europe.

12. In/Outgoing post
• The Romanian National Society of Family Medicine/General Practice:
Rodica Narcisa Tãnãsescu presented the eLearning project.

13. Wonca World Matters
Mario Malnar from the Coordination of Croatian Family Doctors (KOHOM) asked the Council to support their bid to host the Wonca World Rural Conference in April 2015 in Dubrovnik.
A letter of support will be prepared by the Executive Board.
Council Meeting - Part 2 Group Sessions (10.00 - 12.00)
• Working group 1 Strategic tasks (Janko Kersnik)
• Working group 2 Market Wonca (Tina Eriksson)
• Working group 3 Wonca Statements (Mehmet Ungan)
• Working group 4 Accountability to society/ Service to host city/region (Anna Stavdal)

All 4 working groups prepared draft documents for discussion. Each group leader gave a 3 min presentation of the topic. The council divided into 4 working groups, each with one designated topic.

Lunch (12.00 – 13.00)

Council Meeting - Part 3 (13.00 – 15.00)
Rob Dijkstra greeted the Council on behalf of Arno Timmermans.
Alfred Loh, Michael Kid and Francine Lemire form the Wonca Core Executive jointed and welcomed the council. A farewell to Alfred Loh.
Michael Kidd greeted the Council on behalf of the Wonca president, Prof Rich Roberts.
Short sum up from the group sessions:
• Working group 1 – appendix 1
• Working group 2 – appendix 2
• Working group 3 – appendix 3
• Working group 4 – appendix 4
For the next Council Meeting – we will ask the delegates for 250 words of country reports.

14. Wonca Europe Website
Carl Steylaerts gave a short presentation of the new Wonca Europe website. Positive reactions from the Council. The website will continue to develop.

15. European Definition
A small working group within the EURACT will be established to go through the whole definition, with consultations from outside. It will be an electronic document.
More news in Prague.

16. Anniversary fund
In November 2011 an invitation to bid for the Anniversary Fund of 100.000 USD was sent out. After a review process consensus was reached to award the project: “Chronic Condition Patient Self-management in General Practice” submitted by EQuiP in collaboration with the Irish College of General Practitioners, the Institute of General Practice, University of Jena, Germany and Duodecim, Finnish Medical Society. A first update will be given during the Wonca Europe Open meeting

17. 5 Star Doctor Award 2012: Dr Miguel Roman Rodriguez, Spain
Tony Mathie welcomed Dr Miguel Roman Rodriguez, the winner of the Wonca Europe Award of Excellence in Health Care: The 5-Star Doctor 2012. Dr Miguel Roman Rodriguez will be our candidate for the Wonca World 5 Star Doctor Award.2013

18. Montegut Scholarship 2012 Michael Kidd, Wonca President Elect and Tony Mathie introduced Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk, the 2nd Montegut Global Scholar from the Wonca Europe region. Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk was handed over the scholarship of 2000 USD. Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk expressed his gratitude to Wonca Europe.

19. Future Conferences:
• Wonca World Conference: 26 – 29 June 2013 Prague, Czech Republic
The report was given by Bohumil Seifert, Chair of the Prague 2013 Organizing Committee.
Bursary program for Wonca World Prague 2013: 30.000 USD will be available for 30
doctors. A bursary reception to be organized.
• Wonca Europe Conference: 2 – 5 July 2014, Portugal
Alexandre Gouveia reported. Year 2014 will be dedicated to the theme of the conference. They will try to incorporate the conference website into Wonca Europe website.
Recommendation form the Executive Board: incorporate members of scientific committees from earlier conferences in the new scientific committee for Lisbon 2014.
• Wonca Europe Conference: Istanbul, Turkey 2015
A contract to be signed in Antalya in October.

20. Bids for Wonca Europe Conference in 2016
Lars Gehlert Johansen presented the bid from the Nordic colleges to host the 21st Wonca Europe Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, 16-18 June 2016. The council accepted it with applause.

21. Next Council Meeting in Prague 2013
The regional meetings will be held on June 21s (Executive Board meeting in the morning, followed by the Council meeting in the afternoon). EB elections will be held.

22. Any other business
An appeal from the Spanish society to VdGM to be more committed to the Hypocrates exchange programme. Health centres on the website need to be updated.

The meeting was adjourned at 15.00.