OP-045 : Lipid parameters are in relation with elasticity of great arteries in hypertensive patients

Claudia Iftode1, Stela Iurciuc2, Mircea Iurciuc2, Ioana Padure3, Carmen Roman4, Iuliana Zarici5, Ioana Budiu6, Claudia Maria Stefanescu7 1Cabinet Medical de Medicina Familiei Dr. Iftode Claudia 2Department of Cardiology, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania 3Cabinet Medical de Medicina Familiei Dr.Ioana Padure 4Cabinet Medical de Medicina Familiei Dr.Carmen Roman 5Cabinet Medical de Medicina Familiei Dr. Iuliana Zarici 6Cabinet Medical de Medicina Familiei Dr. Ioana Budiu 7Centrul Medical Dr. Stefanescu SRL
BACKGROUND: With aging lipid parameters tend to modify. This represents a risk factor which is useful to monitor in Primary Practice. Arterial elasticity represents the opposite of the arterial stiffness. It shows how elasticity decreases with age. Research question: Can we establish a correlation between lipid parameters and the arterial stiffness in hypertensive persons? METHOD: We selected 120 hypertensive individuals aged 40 to 80 years. Cases with secondary hypertension were not included in the study. Lipid parameters of these individuals were measured using the Guideline for the Management of Hypertension (European Society of Cardiology / European Society of Hypertension). Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) of the aorta has also been measured (as the gold standard for arterial rigidity) using an Arteriograph (Medexpert). We tried to establish a correlation between lipid parameters and PWV. RESULTS: We found the following results: A) The PWV=9.29m/s, Standard Deviation (SD) = +/-1.94) and Total Cholesterol (TC) = 209mg/dl SD=+/-48.2, correlate linearly with Pearson index r=0.481. B) PWV=9.29m/s and LDL cholesterol (LDLc)=116mg/dl +/-49.8, correlate linearly with Pearson index r=0.505. C) Triglycerides (TG) = 148mg/dl SD=+/-121 and PWV correlate linearly with Pearson index r=0.389, D) Also HDL cholesterol (HDLc) =48.1mg/dl SD=+/-12.9 and PWV negatively correlate with a Pearson index r= - 0.354. CONCLUSIONS: Evaluating aortic stiffness and lipid parameters are useful in the evaluation of hypertensive patients with cardiovascular risk. Arterial stiffness measured using with an Arteriograph directly correlates with TC, LDLc and indirectly with HDLc. Keywords: Lipid parameters, elasticity of great arteries, hypertensive patients.