OP-143 : Balint 2.0: Bringing the World together through Virtual Balint Meetings for WONCA Doctors

Kyle Hoedebecke1, Luis De Pinho Costa2, Albert Lichtenstein4, Donald Nease, Jr.3 1Wonca Polaris, Fayetteville, USA 2Vasco da Gama, Oporto, Portugal 3International Balint Federation 4American Balint Society
BACKGROUND: In September 2014, discussions emerged regarding an online international Balint initiative as a literature search did not produce any published results describing similar international web-based projects. Within hours of the initial post, a dozen representatives from the majority of the regional YDMs signed up to participate - namely the Vasco da Gama Movement, Polaris Movement, Waynakay Movement and The Spice Route. More recently representatives from AfriWon, the Al Razi Movement and The Rajakumar Movement have joined in. The group calls itself “Balint 2.0 Ambassadors”: 2.0 references the application of technology while “ambassadors” touches on its international nature. METHODS: 14 Representatives from all 7 WOCNA regions participating in monthly virtual meetings using Zoom in collaboration with 2 Balint Instructors from the International Balint Federation and the American Balint Society. Results/CONCLUSIONS: The group has met monthly for 7 months and has worked out the majority of the technical issues which allow the group to function in such a virtual manner. This is the first Balint group of its kind and has shown that the virtual Balint setting is a possibility. The group hopes to share this journey of collaboration, learning, and deeper understanding so that others may take advantage of technology to perform their own similar groups. In addition to the great learning experience, this collaboration proves to better unite all WONCA regions and YDMs. Balint 2.0 Ambassadors are making a good example of a wider international view of breaking frontiers within the global world of Family Medicine, towards a new era for YDMs, young and future family doctors. Keywords: Behavioural Health, Balint, Young Doctor Movements, Education Example of Balint 2.0 Meeting T