Mladenka Kegleviç1, Ilyas Erken2, Dilek Güldal3 1Crotia 2Sinop 3Dokuz Eylul University Medical School Family Medicine Dept İzmir Turkey
INTRODUCTION Physicians are willing to publish their work in prestigious journals, either because they want to climb career paths or they want to enlighten other people by sharing what they found. On the other hand academic career The implementation of research findings into practice has become increasingly recognised as a major priority for researchers, research funders and policymakers over the past decade [1-3]. It is known that there are disparities among researchers in publishing their work. Gender, career, country are claimed as the reasons of this disparity. Although peer review system is established against this problem, there is problem within the system. For example, some of the reviewers are much more stringent than others, leading to an unfair final decision, i.e., some submissions (i.e., papers or applications) with better quality are rejected. We aimed to picture the EJGP articles before and after indexing in SCI. METHOD Since EJGP indexed in SCI at 2009, we examined the journal between 2005-2014. All articles are investigated according to the first author’s country, type of the article, topic and research method, authors affiliation with WONCA or journal reviewers and editors. All data before 2009 compared with after 2009. SPSS 15 is used for data analysis. RESULTS 370 articles were examined in ten years. 39.7% was before SCI. 25.2% was from Netherlands, 13.3% UK, 6.0% Ireland, 5.4% Belgium, 5.4% Germany. The rest 44.7% was from 35 countries. 26 countries out of 40 were European countries. 47.8% of authors were affiliated with WONCA and related networks. 19.2 % of the articles had an author who was a practising GP. 23.5% of articles had multinational authorship. The number of articles owned by the authors who have WONCA affiliation did not increase after the journal was indexed in SCI (p>0.05). CONCLUSION There are some problems on the distribution of the articles that are published in EJGP.
Keywords: EJGP, publishment, bias