OP-502 : The Global Health Track in Family Medicine Residency Training

William Markle, Randall Kolb, Shawna Bouwers, Mark Meyer, United States
To provide a framework for developing a global health track in family medicine residency training. Our mission: "To prepare residents to serve as leaders in high-quality, cost effective local and international community-based medical solutions for defined populations".

At least four of the millennium development goals relate directly to health. Dr. Jeff Sachs has said without health there is no development. These goals will only be reached with a strong primary health care focus. Training new family physicians to work and think globally and to recognize the importance of caring for communities and the environment will help meet these goals. Ultimately this will mean more global partnerships for health and development. Various residency programs have implemented global health tracks and this presentation will give details of the components of our program.

Seven residents are currently enrolled in the international health track at 3 residency sites at the University of Pittsburgh. Ultimately the complement will be 15 residents, who will be in the track for three years each. Current projects will be discussed including setting up a global positioning tracking system in a Honduran district to find and treat patients at the community level.

Although final results remain to be seen, there is great interest among family medicine residents for a global health track. By providing opportunities for research, experience and longitudinal immersion in global health we expect more global partnerships to develop to strengthen and promote primary health care around the world.