Or172 Biological Drugs In General Practice

Nunzia Pia Placentino, Renato Sammarco, Leonida Iannantuoni e Francesco Centra
Biological drugs (biotech or biotechnological) have been used for more than twenty years for the treatment of many diseases in different Medical Fields, including: Oncology, Diabetology, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology and Gastroenterology. According to estimates of projection, in 2020 biologicals will constitute more than 50% of the consumption of drugs. Nowadays no one has ever bothered to reduce the knowledge gap that exists between the University, the Centres Specialist and the General Practitioner. In fact, the patient subjected to such treatment is the same patient who attends the study of Family Doctor between one session and another the courses of therapy. Family Doctor is called to give answer during various moments: fever, infection, drugs interactions, pregnancy, clinical and therapeutic follow up, local or general complications of biotech therapy. From February to March 2013, a survey was conducted by administering a questionnaire to 200 General Practitioners. At the questions relating to the management of patients treated with biologicals, we have obtained the following responses: -Are you aware of the side effects of biotech? No 64% -Are you aware of possible drug interactions? No 80% -Are you able to handle the follow-up in patients treated with biotech? No 88% Therefore, it is clear that it is imperative to inform and train General Practitioners about these new therapeutic strategies that medical science has made available.
Biological drugs; General Practice