P-018 Vitamin D Status In Elderly Or Chronic Ill Patients In Urban Zurich

Dreiding P. (Zürich)
Are their levels predictable with the knowledge we have of our patients?
A sufficient Vit. D supply is important for many different tissues in our body. We also know that a Vit. D insufficiency is relatively common. Our Quality Circle, composed of family doctors from urban Zurich tested whether in our patient population the Vit. D status was sufficient. We also estimated whether a lack of Vit. D is predictable with the knowledge we have of our patients’ medical background. Therefore we measured the Vit. D level of our chronically ill patients, including all patients over 65 years of age after we had estimated their Vit. D levels using our knowledge of these patients. We found that in this so defined population the Vit. D levels were frequently insufficient. The predictability of the Vit. D levels using the general knowledge of our patients was imprecise. We concluded that, although expensive, we should measure more often the Vit. D level in the population at risk to be able to substitute them sufficiently.
Vitamin D status in elderly or chronic ill patients in urban Zurich