P-020 Hdl-Cholesterol Values In Hypertensive Patients In Reference To The Intervention Type

Conic S. (Belgrade), Slovic S. (Belgrade), Pucar M. (Belgrade)
Introduction: Lowered HDL cholesterol (HDL-C) represents a risk for the atherosclerosis process (1.2.).The statins have a beneficiary effect on the HDL -C increase. (3).
Goal of work: Determination of which kind of intervention in case of dyslipoproteinemia has a more beneficiary effect on the HDL-C value.
Method: In 48 test persons of female sex, average age 57.5 ± 6.1 years, with verified hypertension, without other diagnosed cardiovascular disease, a lowered HDL-C has been detected in lab tests. The exposed group, with total cholesterol value of >=7.0 mMol/l, consisted of 19 test persons. Control group, was represented by 29 patients. Beside the antihypertensive therapy, the control group received, within the therapy, an education on healthy lifestyle, while the exposed one received statins in addition. The control lab analysis was conducted two months after the intervention. The test persons, treated on the territory of Belgrade, were monitored in the period from July 2008 to November 2008. The recommended HDL values are defined according to the references of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2005.
Results: In the exposed group, where the patients received simvastatin, the values of HDL-C were in the range of the recommended in eight test persons. In the control group, where only healthy lifestyle was implemented, nine patients had the recommended HDL-C level. After intervention measures in both groups, the HDL-C increased to the recommended levels in 35% (n = 17) of test persons; RBI (Relative Benefit Increase) = 0.35; 95% Cl (0.21–0.49); ABI (Absolute Benefit Increase) = 9%; NNT = 11.
Conclusion: In order to achieve one positive outcome, it is necessary to treat 11 test persons in the exposed group in reference to the control group. There is no significant statistical increase of HDL-C in test persons treated with simvastatin compared to the intensive implementation of healthy lifestyle.
HDL-cholesterol values in hypertensive patients in reference to the intervention type