P-167 Primary Care Services Provided To Adolescents In Detention

Haller D. (Geneva), Sebo P. (Geneva), Bertrand D. (Geneva), Cerutti B. (Geneva), Wolff H. (Geneva)
Purpose: Little is known on the primary care needs of young offenders. The aim of this study was to identify the range of problems for which primary care was provided in a juvenile detention facility in order to inform the development of future primary care services in detention.
Methods: We reviewed the medical files of all adolescents detained in a pre-adjudication and educational detention centre in Switzerland in 2007. The health problems for which services were provided were coded using the International Classification for Primary Care codes (ICPC).
Results: Of 315 adolescents aged 11–19 years admitted to the facility in 2007, 60% (143 males, 45 females) had consultations with a primary care physician. Among these 188 adolescents, mental health problems were very prevalent (males 57%; females 76%). The most commonly managed physical health problems were dermatological (males: 50%, females: 49%), respiratory (males 22%, females 29%) musculoskeletal (males 13%, females 18%) and gynaecological (females: 29%). 5 (11%) females were treated for STI, and 4 (9%) needed care for pregnancy. Tobacco use was common (males 66%, females 58%), as was cannabis abuse (males 34%, females 24%) and alcohol misuse (males 27%, female 22%). Acute dental problems occurred in 15 adolescents. Five detainees reported exposure to violence from the police during their arrest.
Conclusions: In addition to health problems known to be more prevalent among young offenders, such as mental health problems and STIs, these adolescent detainees frequently required care for more generic primary care problems. These problems were similar to those usually seen in adolescents visiting family doctors in the community. In Europe, primary care facilities are rarely available in juvenile detention centres. These data confirm that in addition to mental health services, primary care services should be part of the health services provided to adolescents in any juvenile detention facility.
Primary care services provided to adolescents in detention