P-255 Psychosocial Effects Of Adaptation Training Of Family Practice In Bursa; Pilot Survey Study On 442 Physicians

Goktas O. (Bursa), Tekin O. (Ankara), Cebeci S. (Ankara)
Objective: In this study, our aim was to determine the psychosocial situations of the physicians, undergoing training for Family Practice transition period primary care adaptation in Bursa, related to training, and to develop a scale that is determined to be effective and reliable that could perform measurements during their next training processes training.
Materials and Methods: We applied pilot test via survey method to physicians (442 people) who were admitted Family Practice Primary Stage Adaptation Training in Bursa. We determined the factors as follows: A-Adaptation to the program, B-Professional Self-confidence and C-Not being exhausted. We determined 10-11 questions in each factor. We measured the answers with 5 point Likert scale. (I. I do not agree completely II. I do not agree III. I am indecisive IV. I agree to a certain point V. I agree absolutely). We performed confidence analysis of the first 31 questions. After the questions lowering the reliability are excluded, we applied Factor analysis (with Quartimax method) in the SPSS program to the remaining 17 questions (Cronbach's Alpha = 0.771). By this way, we gathered these 17 questions under 3 factors.
Results: 271 male (61.3 percent) and 171 female (38.7 percent) physicians participated in the survey. Age and profession averages were higher in males than in females. Though majority of the participants (72%) were thinking that the training that they received was mere an activity that would improve their adaptations, a small percent (7.9%) thinks that it would provide professional competence. We calculated the averages of factor scores of the scale. The averages of all three factors post-training were higher than the averages before the training (p = 0.001, Conclusion: Family practice transition period adaptation trainings provide a positive start and psychosocial improvement to the general practitioners at the primary care.
Psychosocial effects of adaptation training of family practice in Bursa; pilot survey study on 442 physicians