P03.03 A Case Of Tuberous Sclerosis Detected During Pregnancy

I. Atacan1, A. Parlak2, F. Yilmaz3;
1Erdek Naval District Command, Department of Family Medicine, BalÕkesir, Turkey, 2A?rÕ Military Hospital, Department of Family Medicine, Agri, Turkey, 3Sungurlu Public Hospital, Department of Obstetric and Gynaecology, Corum, Turkey.
Ismail Atacan
agri military hospital, department of family medic
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During antenatal follow-up until to the twenty-ninth week no pathology and foetal anomalies detected in 27 years old, gravida 2, parity 1 patient and biparietal diameter of foetus was (BPD): 29 ñ 0 weeks, femur length (FL): 28 ñ 4 weeks, and abdominal circumference (AC): 28 ñ 5 weeks. On thirty-fourth week on suspicion of interventricular septal hypertrophy in obstetric ultrasound, fetal echo was done. Mass in interventricular septum (rhabdomyoma?) was detected. In ultrasonogram made in this week it was found that BPD: 34 ñ 0 weeks, FL: 32 ñ 5 weeks, AC: 31 ñ 6 weeks and it is not compatible with gestation. During antenatal follow-up of the patient cardiotocograpy was reactive but artefactual. Patient was delivered by caesarean section at 38th week of gestation. The infant was treated in intensive care for bruising after delivery. Starting at post-partum 3rd day and increasing in 2nd month lasting 5-10 seconds of bruising, right eye blinking and contraction of his right arm, seizures were observed. The patient does not come to the world as a result of a consanguineous marriage, and family history of her parents was normal. In physical examination findings compatible with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (delta waves) in ECG and hypertension noticed and treatment was started. No murmur was detected in infant. In cranial MRI subependimal nodules (hamartoma / tuber?) were detected. Rhabdomyoma is the most common cardiac tumour in childhood. 50% of patients have other clinical findings of a tuberous sclerosis. Our case was a a tuberous sclerosis patient which shows brain involvement.
A case of Tuberous Sclerosis detected during pregnancy