P05.160 Effect Of Exercise On Glycaemic Values In Type 2 Diabetic Patients

A. Ramoa, A. Alves, M. Sant'Ana, H. Sottomayor, H. Leal, I. Alvim, C. Sousa, L. Bohn;
USF Espa‡o Sa£de, Porto, Portugal.
Ana Alves
USF Espa‡o Sa£de
Email: ana.isa.alves@gmail.com
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Introduction: Inadequate physical activity has been recognized as an independent risk for premature development of coronary heart disease. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, exercise can also improve glycaemic control. Treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus includes education, evaluation for micro and macrovascular complications, normalization of glycaemia and control of cardiovascular and other long-term risk factors.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) in a group of diabetic patients and identify the influence of a session of moderate exercise in their glycaemic values.
Methods: Retrospective and interventional study about the prevalence of type 2 diabetes and CVRF of all patients of a health unit. The diabetic patients were invited to join a session of moderate physical activity oriented by a personal trainer. 17 diabetic patients joined the interventional group and we evaluated the glycaemic values before and after exercise. A statistic analysis was made of all data collected.
Results: Of the 5216 patients studied, 4,8% had diagnosis of DM2. 55% were female. Mean age of patients was 64. For CVRF, 78,2% had hypertension, 83% had dyslipidaemia, 4,8% were smokers, 35,3% were overweight and 43,6% were obese. Coronary artery disease is present in 15,5% of these patients. In the intervention group, the difference between glycaemic values before and after exercise were statistically significant with pConclusions: This study confirms that DM2 is frequently associated with other CVRF with high prevalence. Physical inactivity is a problem of public health and has to be considered an associated risk. Thus, to control all these risks, the treatment of these patients should be multifactorial.
Effect of exercise on glycaemic values in type 2 diabetic patients