P10.17 The Association Between The Results Of Vibration Sensation Testing With Potentiometer And Perspiration Testing

A. Kamaratos1, P. Gavra1, E. Koukou1, C. Verras2, A. Sarantitis1, K. Balaskas2, P. Panousoglou2, G. Fioretos2, K. Botsios2, A. Melidonis1;
11st Department of Internal Medicine & Diabetes Centre, Piraeus, Greece, 2Department of General Practice, Piraeus, Greece.
Christos Verras
Tzanio General Hospital
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Sensorimotor neuropathy as well as autonomic neuropathy (malfunction of the sympathetic system) play an important role in lower limb ulcer development. The qualitative assessment of vibration sense testing has been suggested as a predictive factor for potential ulcer formation. The aim of this study was to determine the association between vibration sense testing using a potentiometer (as a mean of sensorimotor neuropathy evaluation) and perspiration testing using neuropad test (as a means of sympathetic system malfunction evaluation)
The researchers studied 73 patients with diabetes (34 men), who were chosen randomly from the outpatient diabetic clinic of our hospital. The subjects had a mean age of 64,74ñ10,29 years, mean known diabetes duration of 10,48ñ8,49 years, and mean BMI of 29,65ñ5,2. Vibration sense using a potentiometer was noted for each patient as well as qualitative assessment of perspiration using neuropad test.
Using the potentiometer the frequency of patients that presented with high possibility of ulcer formation was 42,11% (?25V), whereas using neuropad test was 56,58%. The statistical analysis showed strong correlation between the values of potentiometer and the results of neuropad test (pConclusion
There is a strong correlation among the results of vibration sense, perspiration testing and age. The perspiration testing identified in a higher percentage in patients with future development of ulceration probably due to the fact that it evaluates the function of smaller nerve fibres.
The association between the results of vibration sensation testing with potentiometer and perspiration testing