Po151 Setting Objectives: Productivity Incentives In Primary Care

Martínez Lozano Juan1, Martínez Andrés Patricia2, Martínez Andrés Juan3, Martínez Lozano M. Consuelo4, Martínez Lozano Natalio5, Martínez Lozano M. Dolores6, Martínez Lozano M. Ángel7 e Ramírez Villaescusa J. V.5
1Banyeres de Mariola; 2Albacete; 3Aldaya; 4Medical Director EVI Albacete; 5General Hospital Universitary Albacete; 6General Hospital Universitary Castellón; 7Hospital Quirón Valencia
Purpose In the last years, there is a provision from the services managers in Primary Care that the General Practitioners set, a part from the overall objectives of quality and support, specific objectives, to evaluate personal concerns, which will be reflected, although in a symbolic manner on the economy productivity allowances received by each professional.
Material and methods Asses all these individual marks in a Health Department since implementing its measurement in 2.006, therefore, in a follow-up period of six years. The Health Department is composed of eight Centres with a total of 42 General Practitioners ascribed throughout the six years mentioned only 2 Health Centres have set specific goals. Only choose individual markers 5 General Practitioners. Results The type of specific objectives to asses, focusses on the following areas: • Pneumology: Handly inhalers, with a score of 75%. • Diabetes: Antiaggregation, application and determination of retinographies and ankle-brachial index, with 100%. • Endocrinology: Annual monitoring of thyroid function, with 85%. • Lipids: Determination of fractions, CPK and LDH, with 100%. • Renal function: Measuring index of Cockcroft-Gault, with 100%. • Digestive: Faecal occult blood as a marker of colorectal carcinoma, with a 100%. • Training activities, with a 80% achieved.
Conclusion Fixing individual indicators is still very low in our environment.
Primary Care. Setting objectives. Productivity incentives