Pp-026 Improve A Program Of Continuing Teaching

Ana Maria Ribatallada Diez, Marta Cobos Baques, Juan Jose Montero Alia, Mireia Sans Corrales, Eva Peguero Rodriguez
Aims: We made a Program of continuing teaching called APOS to prepare the family physicians access ·to a permanent job in the Public Catalan Health. Two editions have been done in 2005 and in 2007. In 2005 with two groups; A_ attendants, B _ distance learning. In 2007 with three groups: A_ attendants, B _ distance learning, C _ compact. We use and self-audit to improve the Program. IMPROVEMENTS in 2007.
1. We increase classes: 2 days more.
2. We adapt to the new agenda, introducing a new topic, called: laws and rules.
3. We programme the classes in the not consecutive days.
4. We improved the Book notes.
5. In this new edition, we created a new compact course, four days summary.
6. We prepare new model of proofs, with original questions
We want evaluate the changes in new edition (2007) of the Program, evaluating the percentage of improvement in the official exercise. To compare 3 groups in the new edition . Methods: Descriptive study. We use standard questionnaire and official data.
Results: 2005/2007; A 53,65 % ( 5.871) I 69% ( 6,22); B (29,6 (5,774) I 45,4 % ( 6,07); C 67,24%(6,04). Organisation 2,97 I 3,53 ; Notes 3;2 I 3,56.
• The audit has been basic to obtain improvements in the program.
• The best thing valued by the pupils was improvements in book of notes and programming in not consecutive days
• The preparation with a new model of proofs improve outcomes.