PP-075 : Program Accompanying and Support Given to Communities of Displaced People in the Urban Zone of Suba, in Accordance with the Family Health Model that Has Been Proposed by ASCOFAME and La Sabana University - Colombia

Sandra Milena Espitia Forero, Francisco Lamus Lemus, Carolina Vasquez, Sonia Gomez, Colombia
La Sabana University in conjunction with the association of Colombian Medical Schools (ASCOFAME) and the financing of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), are making the program: Accompanying and Support Given to Communities of Displaced People in the Urban Zone of Suba, Bogotá D.C. in Accordance with the Family Health Model. T he objective of this program was create a process that involve the educative community in an interdisciplinary mechanism for the fundamental rights restitution, under the approach of family health, that helps one of the most significant conflict in the Colombian society.

Construction of social and solidarity model, which the educational community participation to drive the restitution of fundamental rights to 1050 identified as displaced population,developing the following aspects: 1.Characterization of families. 2. Making Councils in Family Medicine, Psychology and Law 3. Connecting to social networks. 4. Construction Project Life and 5. Implementation of a School Centre.

Characterization of 1,060 families, Preparation of 787 Family Life Project, 279 Family Health Counselling. 89 Guidance Counselling Social Work. Identification of the major needs in health, legal status and employment, support to 1051 families. Consolidation of the Centre School as the program´s operational place.

Compliance with the project through Characterization of displaced families, entering information on Family Files, referral families to family medicine, psychological and legal counselling, Identification of fundamental rights denied, Building a Family Action Plan focused on the restoration of the rights and Connection with School Centre and local public and private institutions.