PP-247 : The index APRI like marker of hepatic fibrosis in patient with chronic hepatopathy

Raul Lopez Diaz, Mexico
To evaluate the relationship between index APRI and discoveries histological with regard to fibrosis based on the index of Metavir in patient with chronic hepatopathy.

Traverse retrospective analysis (2000 at the 2008). we include 33 patient biopsies, with values of AST, plaquetas, calculating the index of APRI and reclassifying by means of the score of Metavir. It was applied descriptive statistic, Kendall and ANOVA. We eliminate 7 for not being able to classify them in Metavir. 50% (n13) they were feminine. The age average 50.6 years, plaquetas: he/she mediates 221,653 (R 114,000-384,000), AST: he/she mediates 70.5(R 255-225), half APRI 0.33 (R1.04-0.09) and Metavir: he/she mediates of 2 (R 4-1). The Kendall between Metavir and APRI with (P

The levels of AST can be since a precocious marker of fibrosis in the analysis of crossed correlation while but high they are the levels of AST, but high it is the index APRI