Pp-275 Knowledge On Cervical Cancer Among Community Health Agents In Goiania, Goias, Brazil.

Sandro Rogerio Rodrigues Batista, Ana Cristina De Castro Cavalcante, Ana Lucia Prudente De Araujo
Primary Care Department, Goidnia, Goias, Brazil
The cervical cancer constitutes serious problem of public health. In the world, it corresponds to as the type of more common cancer in the women. It is an illness that evolves slowly, with high frequency in the Brazilian feminine population. It is curable, when your diagnosis is precocious. The recognition of the cervical cancer risk factors, the sensitization and systematization of the Pap smear test and the precocious diagnosis of exactly are . practical essentials in the woman health care. In the perspective of the Family Health Strategy (primary care model in Brazil), the community health agents (ACS) are professional-key in this process of prevention and precocious detention. Thus, objectifying to evaluate the level of ACS knowledge on cervical cancer we apply structured questionnaire I content questions on its risk factors and methods of precocious diagnosis to the ACS of the city of Goiania, Goias, Brasil. They had participated of the study 258 ACS ( 43% of the ACS of the city) with average age of 35,52 ± 7,53 years, being 245 feminines (95%) and 13 males (5%).The average of time in the profession was of 4,40 ± 2,60 years. The taxes of correct answers had been: 89,1 % knew which the main factors of risk for cervical cancer, 77 .1 % the examination for precocious diagnosis, 97.3% who must routinely make the Pap smear test, 87 .2% regularity of this and 96.5% the related infectious agent. The profession time as ACS (>5 years and [L TEQ] 5 years) not influence the frequency of correct answers. The ACS of Goiania that had answered to the questionnaire have a good knowledge on the tracking and diagnosis of cervical cancer. This knowledge was not influenced by the time of profession of the communitarian agents of health.