PP-544 : Menopause and health

Daniela Rosillo Castro, María Victoria Pérez López, Carmen Lozano Bueno, Nuria Pascual Aguirre, Spain
Community Intervention Program aims to improve quality of life of menopausal women, increasing knowledge and skills aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing risk factors in this period.

14 women were recruited between 45-55 years in primary care consultation, lack of knowledge of the subject and / or disorders associated with being menopausal symptoms. We excluded those who reject their inclusion or have psychiatric disorders. They were given 9 sessions of 2 hours, about menopause, including: Introduction, physical changes and treatment, nutrition, sexuality, family and emotional changes, exercise and postural hygiene, relaxation, domestic violence and leisure and time free. The sessions were given by doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and social worker . The course has been doing 11 times in the last 5 years in 2 health centres

Course evaluation is done orally, as it was found that sometimes the low cultural level of some patients difficult to assess writing. In general the women were satisfied with the course and admitted that his vision had ´walk about menopause. Patients preferred the talks highlighted as sexuality and leisure and free time. The least valued were nutrition and

In our health area there are taboos and negative ideas about menopause, it is possible to change through the implementation of these courses, improving the quality of life of these patients and their health in general