A Proposal For The Evaluation Of The Level Of Knowledge Of The Population About Contraceptive Methods

Yazlle MEHD, Mendes MC, Patta MC, Yazlle Rocha JS.
Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirao Preto-USP. Ribeirao Preto, SP (Brazil).
Large part of the population is unaware of the concepts about prevention and health promotion, especially within the context of reproductive health. Thus, it is necessary to discover the information the population has and to organize measures to modify its view of these topics. In the present study we evaluated the level of knowledge of the population about contraceptive methods (CM) and offered pertinent information. We promoted a meeting called Participative Symposium on CM. An invitation containing 10 questions about CM was sent to the population, who was supposed to respond previously. Groups of 12-15 persons and 2-3 health professionals were formed to discuss these responses. The conclusions were presented at a plenary meeting where the professors of our Institutions discussed the topic. We distributed 400 invitations and 167 persons (41.8%) came to our Institution; 65 of them (1.3%) delivered their responses. Of these, 95.4% knew about oral CM, 86.2% about condoms, and 7.7% knew about Billings; 43.1 % cited coitus interruptus, and 16.9% vaginal douching. A total of 26.2% of the respondents did not know about the mechanisms of action of oral CM, 44.6% did not know about the IUD, 32.3% about tube ligation (TL), 36.9% about vasectomy, 7.7% about the site of IUD insertion, 43.1 % about TL, and 35.4% about vasectomy. The side effects most frequently cited were: nausea and vomiting for oral CM, infection for the IUD, and psychological problems about TL and vasectomy. We conclude that the acceptance of this activity was limited. The level of knowledge about CM is scarce and incorrect. Thus, it is necessary to implement educational actions in order to set up effective projects of contraception.
A proposal for the evaluation of the level of knowledge of the population about contraceptive methods