PS2.308How many patients take the medication without a prescription

Amra Zalihic, G Pivic, A Mijic Maric, N Pinjuh Markota, M Pivic
Health Care Centre, Department of Family Medicine, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Corresponding author: Assistant Prof Amra Zalihic, Heath Care Centre, Department of Family Medicine, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The pharmaceutical industry is very strong and every day they place advertisements for various products that will "improve" our health. Taking OTC medicines is common everywhere in the world, but in BiH may take some medications without recipe that do not belong to the group of OTC.
The aim it was to realize how much of our old patients take medicines without recommendation Family medicine doctor and the most frequent drug groups.
Methods:  The survey was conducted among patients ?65 years that have arisen from October 1st till December 15th.2015. to use adapted questionnaires made out for research.
Results: 90 patients, 60% are women. There were 53.33% patients who took drugs without doctor's recommendations, of which 64.8% were women. The most commonly used drugs were analgesics (47.9%) and sedatives 41,6%.
Conclusion: the Beers' criteria of both groups the most commonly used drugs among our patients fall into drugs that can not advise older patients. It must be an alarm to have to work more on the education of patients and try to reduce the consumption of these drugs that can be dangerous for older patients.