Report of the Honorary Treasurer – Prague November 2014

Report of the Honorary Treasurer – Prague, November 2014





Almost closing account for 2014.

Member Organisation Dues were predicted well, they even exceeded the prediction.

Congress levy from Lisbon arrived - 136.650,00 € – 16500 above budget, WW will get 3300 more than budgeted..

Exec meetings are within the foreseen (augmented) budget.

Idem for Other meetings.

Idem for EJGP – but last invoices are not in yet




Projections for 2015


The budget proposal this year is again a slightly negative one.

  • member dues prediction should be the same as last year, 70000

  • fixed interest from 200000 : not interesting on a 1 year basis; to get 2%, a 5 year fixed account is needed: would we run the risk?

  • For EJGP we propose 40000, but we expect 25000 on the income side – proposals?


That will leave us with a gap of -25000 EUR.



Current status October 15, 2014

We have 0 in a fixed deposit, our emergency fund, and 300000 in cash (+savings accounts), 15000 of which is from the VdGM (-4000).



We are still in need of more income

The World Book is budgeted as -10000, of which 1500 will be spent for language correction and a sum for presents for the authors; but could be a source of income. What if we sell 5000 copies – half for 20 EUR pro hard copy, half for 10 EUR as an e-book?

Crowd Funding? Sponsor?