The Role Of The General Practitioner/family Physician In Palliative Care Now And In The Future State Of The Art Session

Chairperson: Dr. Y. van Leeuwen (The Netherlands)
In many countries people traditionally died at home, cared for by their GP. After World War II more and more people died in hospital, where care was often perceived as poor, insufficiently suited for the emotional needs of the dying. As a reaction to this, the Hospice movement arose asking attention for all aspects of care for patients and their families. Based on those principles, palliative care medicine has developed as a medical specialism. At this moment patients often express the wish again to die at home or in an institution as a hospice. Many GPs consider the care for the dying as one of their main tasks.
1. State of the art
Dr. Maria van den Muijsenbergh, (The Netherlands)
The role of GPs in Europe in its historical background, experiences and needs of patients, the importance of collaboration with other disciplines, quality of care, evidence or eminence based.
2. Actual Controversies
Dr. Maria van de Muijsenbergh (The Netherlands) and Professor Ilora Finlay (UK).
Participants reflect and exchange with their neighbours on the next statements.
In palliative care a great variety of symptoms occur which are difficult to control.
Therefore specialists' teams are best capable of caring for patients in the palliative phase in a palliative care ward.
Most important in palliative care is attention for the needs ands wishes of the patient and their relatives. The GP who knows the patient and his family and who can visit the patient at home, as patients often express the wish to die at home, therefore he is best capable of caring for patients in the palliative phase.
3. Assessment (and control)
Professor Ilora Finlay (UK)
Methods of assessment will be briefly put forward by examples.
4. Implementation; threats and opportunities:
Dr. Karel Hoffmans, (The Netherlands)
What helps and/or hindrances in applying subcutaneous infusion at home?
5. Take home messages
The role of the General Practitioner/Family Physician in palliative care now and in the future
State of the art session