W12Preparing for a pandemic - lessons from the past, preparing for the future

Jo Buchanan(1), Maureen Baker(2), Zalika Klemenc-Ketiš(3)
(1) EURACT, General Practitioner, Sheffield, UK
(2) Royal College of General Practitioners, London, UK
(3) Department of Family Medicine, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
Corresponding author: Dr Jo Buchanan, Euract, Sheffield, UK.
E-mail: jo.buchanan@nhs.net
Background and Aim: Family doctors are at the frontline of clinical services in many countries and need to be able to respond quickly as a pandemic occurs. The last influenza pandemic provides valuable lessons on how the response should change in future. Arboviruses are endemic in parts of Europe and may have the propensity to produce a pandemic in the future.  New threats such as Zika virus can emerge rapidly.  The PREPARE programme is part of Europe's efforts to plan for a coordinated response to a pandemic; it focuses specifically on ensuring that appropriate research is carried out prior to a pandemic and that systems are in place to instigate useful research projects during a pandemic. WONCA Europe is a member of the PREPARE general assembly.
This workshop aims to 1) outline the role and activities of PREPARE; 2) describe the lessons learnt in one country following the last influenza pandemic; 3) enable participants to consider how to prepare their practices for a future pandemic; 4) Provide an overview of the epidemiology, diagnosis and management of arboviruses. 5] enable participants to discuss case histories of patients with possible arbovirus.
Method: This workshop will include presentations and the opportunity for participants to discuss the impact a pandemic would have on their practices. A specific example will be used to enable participants to deepen their understanding of the detection and management of cases caused by arboviruses.
Results: The expected results from this workshop include a review of past experience of dealing with a pandemic, an awareness of how to prepare at a practice level for a pandemic and an understanding of the role of research both before and during a pandemic.
Conclusions: This workshop will disseminate information about the work of PREPARE and deepen participants' understanding of their role in a pandemic.