Wa15 Benefits Of Integrating Mobile And Web Technology Into The Patient-Centred Family Medicine Care Team

S. L. Argenio, F. B. Willis, J. A. Sperrazza, S. Simmons;
Mayo Clinic Florida, Jacksonville, FL, United States.
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Mayo Clinic Florida
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United States
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This presentation describes the benefits of integrating mobile and web technology into a patient-centred family medicine team. Technologies can improve patient access, patient education, promote group visits and lifestyle changes. Patient registries can track chronic disease management. These technologies are being utilized in our clinic to maximize utilization of nurses, assemble teams for the patient centred medical home and allow for recognition of time spent caring for our patients beyond our face to face contact time. Attendees will be introduced to present and evolving technologies and ways to incorporate these in the new evolving art and science of medicine. The workshop will review the principles of the patient centred medical home and demonstrate how on-line portals and in office mobile technology can enhance office efficiency, patient education and chronic disease management. Actual on- line demonstrations will show how web access can enhance patient contact with the medical home for appointments, information, lab results and E-visits. Integrating mobile and web-based technology into the patient-centred team can improve efficiency, increase revenue and ultimately improve the care and satisfaction of our patients.
Benefits of Integrating Mobile and Web Technology into the Patient-Centred Family Medicine Care Team