WS-081 : Clinical Research Methodology Workshop

Firdous Jahan Department of Family and Community Medicine (FAMCO), Oman Medical College, Oman
Justification An understanding of research is essential for all family physicians. A number of clinical research studies highlights the need for greater participation in research by physicians. Physicians face a variety of barriers with regard to participation in clinical research. Barriers to participation include lack of time, lack of resources, trial-specific issues, communication difficulties, conflicts between the role of clinician and scientist, inadequate research experience and training for physicians, and sometimes a scientifically uninteresting research question, among others. Strategies to encourage physician participation in clinical research include adequate training, research questions that are in line with physician interests and have clear potential to improve patient care, and regular feedback. This workshop aims to train clinician’s about an essential elements of research methodology. Contents It begins with a broad overview of the clinical research and good practice in medicine. Subsequent sessions provide a stepwise guide to undertaking a research project, from posing a hypothesis through to writing the paper. The workshop has a strong interactive focus, and a mixture of topics such as Steps in the development of a research proposal, Setting hypotheses and formulation of objectives, Types of variables and scales of measurements, Types of research designs, Data Analysis, How to write manuscript and get your research published. At the end participants will have gained a basic understanding of: • Research Proposal • Research Question • Research Design • Type of Data and Analysis • Writing Manuscript Practice Session After an interactive power point presentation, small groups will be invited to write a proposal out line and present in front of participants for feedback.
Keywords: Research methodology, design, hands on practice, family medicine