WS-097 : "Keep the Flame" Avoiding burnout and promoting happy doctors

Dimitrios Alepidis, Veronika Rasic, Alexandra Tsipou, Ivana Babic, Emna Zarrad Vasco da Gama Movement
BACKGROUND: The modern life style and the expansion of technology set constant pressure to doctors to work at the limits of their abilities. This may cause long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work, commonly known as burnout, or to trigger other medical conditions related to stress. Burnout has been assumed to result from chronic occupational stress (e.g., work overload), and its symptoms are similar to those of clinical depression. Although it is widespread, burnout is not recognized as a distinct disorder, in the DSM-5, but it is included in the ICD-10, and can be found under Problems related to life-management difficulty. Work/life balance is an important factor to consider as a preventive measure and it is often over looked in the education process. To take care of our patients we first need to know how to take care of ourselves. OBJECTIVE: If we consider burnout as a lifestyle induced disorder, raising awareness on this topic, may help young doctors to change their views on the subject and to reorganize their lives to reduce stress, promoting a happier and healthier life. DESIGN: The workshop will begin with a short PowerPoint presentation about burnout, its causes and its early signs (8min). After which the participants will be divided into small groups (6-8 persons) and they will have 5 rounds of 8min intervals (total 40min) discussing the issues of: 1. Motivation to be a GP 2. Motivation in their personal lives 3. Recognizing problems relating to everyday work 4. Ideas and techniques for stress management 5. Finding personal strong/weak points and how to use them in a creative way. Finally, will be presented some examples of doctors that have found interesting ways to manage their work/life balance. Keywords: Burnout, quality of life, happy doctors, lifestyle