Ws 27 Adapting Health Promotion To A Multicultural Society

Navarro M, Guionnet A, Navaza B, Estévez L, Pérez de Ayala A, López Vélez R
Aim(s) or purpose: To provide family doctors and other health professionals the keys to implement health promotion activities aimed at migrants in an effective way.
Design and method: From the 4 years-based experience of New Citizens, New Patients, a linguistic and culturally adapted health promotion program aimed at migrants in 12 regions of Spain and developed by a multidisciplinary team made of physicians, psychologists, translators, nurses, anthropologists and intercultural mediators, participants will be shown why, what and how to develop health promotion activities aimed at migrants. Key points: – Background: vulnerability of migrant population and hard-to-reach population, relevant health-related issues to individual and public health, relevant scientific references. –
Methodology: qualitative research, adaptation to target population (culture, gender, age, educational level…), most relevant culture topics related to health, usefulness of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) questionnaires, branch activities to improve the projects/programs impact. – Difficulties and strategies: ongoing adaptation, some barriers and how to avoid them. – Resources: multimedia tools to improve communication between health-professionals and patients from other geographical settings, NGOs, culturally adapted informational material aimed at migrants, financing lines. – Results of New Citizens, New Patients Program: a practical approach.
Results: Participants will enable to develop health promotion activities in daily practice (in consultation, through group health education...) or outside from the sanitary setting (NGOs, migrants’ associations).
Conclusions: We live in a multicultural society, and health promotion activities might be linguistic and culturally tailored to the target population. The impact of this workshop for daily practice lies mainly in the possibility of overcoming cultural and linguistic barriers with our new patients.
WS 27
Adapting health promotion to a multicultural society