WS-80 : Applying Multiple Methods of International Faculty Development in Family Medicine

Jeff Markuns, Tam Minh Nguyen, Elizabeth G. Henry, Alain Montegut, United States
Developing Family Medicine (FM) as a specialty is key to building improved primary care in many developing countries. In countries where FM is a new specialty, a core group of academic physicians is necessary to train new FM physicians. We will review multiple methods of international faculty development in FM to train these necessary academic physicians, including fellowships, workshops, videoconferencing, and degree-granting programs.

On completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the need for faculty development in FM in developing countries
2. Outline four models for providing effective international faculty development in FM
3. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each model
4. Apply lessons from these programs to local adaptations for future FM faculty development

We will begin with a brief outline of our approach to establishing the specialty of FM in Vietnam, followed by a comprehensive review of our faculty training programs over the past 10 years. We will describe each curricular approach including goals and objectives, teaching methods, and evaluations including quantitative data. We will review barriers and successes of each method, ranging from powerful innovative curricular elements to technical difficulties with multi-site international videoconferencing. We will encourage audience participation and questions, and conclude with a group discussion sharing others’ experiences in faculty development in FM. We will address the challenges and successes others have faced and compare or contrast with our own programs.
Participants will apply new techniques for faculty development in FM to their own local settings and institutions.