Ws17 Workshop: "migrant Care In General Practice " Of Wonca Sig On Migrant Care, International Health And Travel Medicine

M. E. Van Den Muijsenbergh1,2, C. Lionis3, D. Gelzer4, W. Spiegel5, WONCA Special Interest Group on migrant care, international health and travel medicine;
1Radboud University Medical centre, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2Pharos knowledge and advisory centre on migrants, refugees and health, Utrecht, Netherlands, 3University of Crete, Crete, Greece, 4General Practitioner, Basel, Switzerland, 5Department of General Practice, Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.
Maria E Van Den Muijsenbergh
Pharos knowledge centre migrants and health
Zip: 6524SE
Phone: 0031248482788
Aims and purposes: In this era of globalization doctors all around the world are confronted with growing numbers of patients of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. These patients - those who are staying for a longer period as well as travellers - have special needs and often need special care. Immigrants as well as members of indigenous ethnic or cultural minorities, have different illness patterns, often poverty related health problems, different cultural health beliefs and expectations. This poses a professional challenge to general practitioners. The current financial crisis combined with the growing political hostility towards migrants in Western Europe has a negative impact on the health of migrants as well as on their access to good health care , especially for the most vulnerable groups of asylum seekers and undocumented migrants. For instance, The Netherlands and Denmark have restricted possibilities for free interpretation services. While, in Greece the current financial crisis leaves them without essential medical and health care aids. Previous workshops on this theme during the Wonca Europe since 2008 revealed that general practitioners from different countries experience to a large extent the same problems and appreciate exchanging solutions.
Design and methods: The workshop will be organized by the Wonca Special Interest Group (SIG) on migrant care, international health and travel medicine: an international group of general practitioners experienced in caring for these patients and engaged in scientific research and (post graduate) medical education. After introductory presentations on the impact of stress, discrimination and poverty on the health of migrants, on the effect of the financial crisis on migrant care and the role of General Practice and on an example of a primary care provision for undocumented migrants, the participants will discuss local solutions to improve (access to) primary care for vulnerable migrant groups and to overcome language barriers.
Results/learning objectives: Participants will acquire knowledge about the impact of the financial crisis on the health and welfare and access to healthcare of migrants and of good practices in primary care for vulnerable migrants. Recommendations for health care policy would be formed and issued by the participants.
Conclusion: The acquired knowledge can help GP?s to improve their care for migrants and to develop local initiatives.
Workshop: "Migrant Care in General Practice " of WONCA SIG on Migrant Care, International Health and Travel Medicine