Guidelines for submitting news articles

When submitting a news article, please follow these guidelines:

Please submit:

  • A complete article, written in British English
  • Length: Around 500 words

Including the following:

  • Article title
  • Author (where applicable)
  • High resolution photos (min. 1920x1080). You will need to hold the copyright of the photos submitted for the piece, and have obtained consent of those depicted in the photos. 
  • We encourage you to include videos and tweets from key opinion leaders that are relevant to the news article.

By sending in your news article you agree to:

Please note:

  • We do not republish research articles that appear on scientific journals. However, we welcome news articles that summarise any findings, point out their novelty, and link to the original article (following the guidelines above).
  • Any potential conflict of interest must be declared and mentioned in the article.