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Latest news from WONCA

11 Nov 2019

WONCA World Interview with Prof Shlomo Vinker

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08 Nov 2019

European communication campaign to promote appropriate use of medical imaging

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30 Oct 2019

Interview: Davorina Petek, Chairwoman for EGPRN

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30 Oct 2019

89th EGPRN meeting, Vigo 2019

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15 Oct 2019

WONCA Europe Future Plan 2019-2022

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30 Sep 2019

EQuip-VdGM summer school

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25 Sep 2019

Nutrition and health advice factsheets for health professionals

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24 Sep 2019

Reflections from WONCA Europe President on WHO Europe's 69th meeting

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18 Sep 2019

Conference in Pristina Kosovo – brief report

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More news

17 Sep 2019

Last week, from September 15-20, health ministers and high-level representatives of the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region, as well as...

11 Sep 2019

Help EAACI identify how we can better assist you in allergic diseases management and assess your interest and educational needs on this...

13 Aug 2019

WONCA Europe and European Cancer Organization (ECCO) have sought to define the essential requirements for primary care interventions throughout the...

31 Jul 2019

The 88th EGPRN meeting was held in Tampere, Finland from 9-12 May this year. The topic of the meeting was "Research on Multimorbidity in Primary Care...

30 Jul 2019

The European Journal of General Practice is very pleased to welcome Athina Tatsioni, MD PhD, into its team.  Athina is Associate Professor and Head...

26 Jul 2019

6th IPCRG Scientific Meeting – Bucharest, Romania Almost 150 respiratory interested colleagues from 30 low, middle and high income countries...

19 Jul 2019

WONCA Europe is pleased to annouce a joint collaboration with the European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and ...

19 Jul 2019

WONCA Europe Montegut Scholar 2019 – Dr Snezana Knezevic, General practitioner, Health care centre Kraljevo, Serbia This was the first time I...

14 Jul 2019

My congratulations to our colleagues in WONCA Europe for a successful Council and conference in Bratislava.   I warmly welcome the new members...

29 Jun 2019

Although slightly shorter than the previous three days, Day 4 of the 24th WONCA Europe Conference was still packed with activities than ran right up...