ESWI Science Policy Flu Summit


Join other public health officials and influenza stakeholders at the fifth edition of ESWI's Science Policy Flu Summit on 28 September 2016 in Brussels. The Summit will provide a platform to exchange information and ideas, to meet other members of the Flu Community and to keep track of the latest scientific data with respect to influenza. Summit speakers will present successful collaborations in different fields such as travel medicine, the protection of diabetes patients and asthma patients, and the role of healthcare professionals in flu prevention. Vaccines and antivirals experts will approach the influenza issue from their specific perspectives and public health authorities will report on the influenza challenges that lie ahead.


Participation is free of charge. The number of places, however, is limited and on-line registration is hence necessary. More information about the concept of the Summit and an updated programme is available on our webpages at


28 September 2016
Brussels, Belgium