2017 International Scholarship Program

The STFM Foundation supports the sharing of expertise among those who want to advance the family medicine model throughout the world. The Foundation offers the International Scholarship Program to advance family medicine worldwide by fostering relationships between STFM members and international family medicine educators leading to enhanced information exchange and sustained professional relationships. One scholarship recipient is selected each year and receives funding to attend the STFM Annual Spring Conference.


Program Goals

  • Foster relationships between STFM members and international family medicine educators

  • Collaborate with colleagues globally for growth in family medicine education

  • Facilitate the development of outstanding future family medicine leaders globally

  • Learn about international primary care models and tools, and disseminate promising elements

The program rotates its world region of focus from year to year: eastern Europe and former Soviet Socialist Republics in 2017, Africa in 2018, and Asia in 2019.


The nominee selected receives an award of up to $3,500 (US dollars) to support travel expenses to attend the STFM Annual Spring Conference. If feasible, the awardee spends additional time in the United States visiting family medicine programs and the offices of the American Academy of Family Physicians and STFM in Leawood, Kansas.

There is one award available, and a limit of two nominees per country.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be in the first 5-10 years of first faculty appointment

  • Must be fluent in English

  • Must have the support of the country's family/general practice organization

  • Must have a US sponsor to help coordinate the visit

  • Must have completed advanced training, such as a residency in family medicine or general practice

  • Must have the potential of becoming future leader in family medicine

  • Must be willing to develop and maintain a relationship with a US collaborator(s)

  • Be willing to report on progress made on implementing a new program or initiative in his/her home country based upon the information learned during the US visit

  • Must be a first-time STFM conference attendee

Selection Criteria

  • Personal potential for contributing to the development of family medicine in his/her home country

  • Strength of proposed activities during the US visit

  • Strength of proposed activities upon returning to the home country

  • Strength of strategies proposed for maintaining communications with the US collaborator

  • Regional needs and potential for family medicine development

Application Requirements

Individuals who are interested in the program should submit the following:

  • Letter expressing why you wish to receive the award

  • A proposal describing the program or initiative to be implemented in the home country

  • Letter of support from your home institution

  • Letter of support from your country's family/general practice organization addressing the potential for family medicine development in your country

  • Letter of support from US sponsor

  • Copy of current curriculum vitae

International scholars will be expected to submit a brief written report on their activities during their US visit.

Applications must be submitted electronically by September 30 to Pat Lodge. If you have questions, please contact Pat at 800-274-7928, ext 5402. Notification of selection is made in November.