An Accredited Case-based CME Programme on COVID-19 in Family Medicine

We are proud to announce the realisation of a new initiative from the joint effort of WONCA Europe and EURACT: an accredited case-based CME programme on COVID-19 in family medicine.

This unique programme is freely available on the PinPoint Case Platform, through the kind support of ISSECAM (an independent international CME provider), and offers relevant learning points for clinicians interested in different aspects of patient management during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you prefer to receive every 2 weeks a Clinical Case in your mailbox, you can register here for free.  The COVID-19 clinical cases feature interactive clinical options to choose from, so that the learner can compare his/her answer to those chosen by fellow colleagues and to the advice given by a panel of experts, supported by evidence. EACCME accreditation is also offered upon successful completion of an assessment.

We hope you will participate and enjoy this programme!

Curious about the programme? Prof. Dr. Josep Vilaseca, Treasurer of WONCA Europe and part of the COVID-19 Scientific Committee, offers an insight in this project.

Prof. Dr. Josep Vilaseca, WONCA Europe esteemed member and Treasurer, is here interviewed as part of the project’s Steering Committee over the development of the case-based CME programme on COVID-19 in family medicine in collaboration with EURACT and ISSECAM.

Why did you develop the COVID-19 CME project?

We all know how hard the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the normal functioning of healthcare systems has been. As family doctors we are daily confronted with challenges to care for our COVID-19 patients and simultaneously safeguard our regular patients. In these difficult times, we need an easy-to-access and relevant source of information to quickly learn the best practice available for GPs, but despite the extensive literature recently the information can be contradictory. My, our question was: “What do I need to know, and how can I learn it in a fast and effective way?”

How was this project developed?

WONCA Europe wanted to address in a practical way the most relevant and compelling problems for COVID-19 management in the everyday routine for GPs. EURACT already collaborated with ISSECAM (a non-profit CME provider) before and we knew their Pinpoint Case Platform would perfectly serve the purpose of a fast, approachable, and effective CME programme. Within the COVID-19 collaboration we developed a survey to assess the most pressing learning needs for clinicians within EURACT and sought the survey participants’ interest in participating in a Working Group to develop the educational material. We identified the most essential gaps and insecurities that emerged in the survey and addressed them through clinical cases. Sometimes real-life cases were used as inspiration for an educational case. Each of our cases was then evaluated by the Steering Committee and Working Group. The cases mirror now what you can encounter in everyday practice and offer relevant learning points based on the different clinical options. Each case includes suggestions of the experts’ panel and up-to-date evidence. The educational material is freely accessible, and is accredited by EACCME points upon successful assessment completion of each topic.

Which topics did you address?

Through the survey we identified four main areas of uncertainty, that became then areas of learning:

  • Treatment of COVID-19
  • Testing of COVID-19
  • Regular care in times of COVID-19
  • Follow-up of COVID-19
  • The four topics are now launched on the platform. We developed different cases for each thematic area, so that different learning points are tackled in each topic.

What is the goal of your project?

I am excited of the programme as it developed, and I am certain that it will positively impact many physicians. We already received great feedback in the testing phase, so I hope to see this project widely used soon. Our goal is now to distribute it to as many family doctors as possible, we are going to contact different national societies of physicians so that our programme can reach more individuals and they can benefit from it. Doctors can freely subscribe to receiving every two weeks relevant clinical cases in the COVID-19 area in their mailbox.

What do you see as a next step?

While the whole programme is available online in English, we discussed and agreed that, to make it more accessible to all users, some language-/country-specific versions of its COVID-19 content might be needed. We will take contact with national societies to define the need for language-specific versions, so you might see these features included soon.  

What is your take home message?

Essentially, I believe this COVID-19 CME is an extremely valuable and valid tool for any GP in the current pandemic. I encourage you to check it out and tell your colleagues about it.

Josep M. Vilaseca
On behalf of the COVID-19 CME Steering Committee