ASPC Call - Prize to the best abstract

The Association of Surgeons in Primary Care is proud to announce a call for abstracts for it 2016 annual conference. The subject of the abstract should pertain

to surgery, audit or techniques that can be performed in the community, by suitably trained general practitioners, surgeons or clinicians, or otherwise benefit

community surgery. These procedures are usually performed under a local or similar anaesthetic.

The abstract should relate to original, unpublished work. Abstracts must consist of four paragraphs, entitled: Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions. Abstracts are to

be submitted as text and tables only (i.e. no figures, graphs or diagrams). The maximum word count is 300. A maximum of five authors can be listed. As the

abstract will be judged anonymously, the text must not reveal any institutional affiliation.


The winning abstract will be in receipt of the ASPC prize of £1000 and one year’s membership to ASPC. The winning abstract will be presented at the ASPC 2016

conference, and should be prepared to attend the conference on May 20-21st 2016, in the UK. It will be held at Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 6RN.


Abstracts should be submitted through ASPC website

The deadline for abstract submission in April 20th 2016. For any further inquiry kindly email

ASPC takes a serious view of Research Governance. Please ensure that the abstract has been seen and agreed by all of the named authors before

submission. All authors have a responsibility to ensure that the data submitted is accurate, is not extrapolated and fairly represents the presentation to be given at

the annual conference of the ASPC.