Conference in Pristina Kosovo – brief report

The Kosovo Association of Family Doctors held their International Conference on Family Medicine this month, where they celebrated their 20th anniversary. It is also their first year as WONCA Europe members. The conference had around 400 attendees from all over Kosovo.
They are currently in the process of transferring to electronic medical records and patient lists. At present, the public healthcare resources are limited and there is a parallel private system of doctors and hospitals.
Two main projects were presented during the Conference: 
  1. A project to improve the management of diabetes and hypertension sponsored by the Swiss.
  2. A project to accreditation of the residency program in family medicine by RCGP.
During the Conference, we talked about future cooperation, connecting delegates to our WONCA Europe networks, and organising workshops at their annual conference next year.
By Shlomo Vinker, President Elect, WONCA Europe