Featured MO: The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine

The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) is a scientific-medical organization whose main goal is to contribute to the effectiveness, efficiency, feasibility and equity of the National Health System through the development of Family and Community Medicine, promoting excellence through a wide range of services which aim to meet the needs and expectations of Family and Community Doctors, as well as to provide them with innovation tools and quality training so that they can improve, and all of that by integrating our actions with a whole Federation of 17 Scientific Societies.

semFYC is, in fact, the largest medical scientific society in Spain, and we believe this gives us enough credibility and presence to act as valid interlocutors both at a Government and Administrative level.

Currently, our scientific society has 34 Working Groups and 3 Programs which constitute our main focus of scientific knowledge through which we collect evidence, concerns, demands and aspirations of our associates and of the whole scientific community. At an international level, we are also active members of the Planetary Health Alliance and we have a fluent communication with the European Union when it comes to research projects and programs which aim to meet the European countries and European Commission needs.

The high number of scientific activities (conferences, congresses, summits and training programs, both online and on spot) that we develop, provide us with a powerful position before the policy makers and the administrations.

Among the areas in which our activities have a massive impact, our extensive Editorial and Publishing activity should also be mentioned.

We are very aware that this is a field which is being taken into account internationally, both in Latin America, as well as in Europe, and even in Asia. Our published books, guidelines and researches are, in fact, an axis of the momentum of Family Medicine and General Practice throughout the world. We believe that it is important to define the feedback mechanisms for this area.

  • Professionals: We do participate in all of the forums of the Scientific and Professional Societies and organizations within our country, and we hold agreements with other medical, nursing and pharmaceutical organizations
  • Policies: We lead the National Commission of Family Medicine and we hold a very active role within the Ministry of Health as well as within the Health Council of the Autonomous Communities which integrate Spain, making sure our voice is being heard. We elaborate health strategies, consensus, promote and prevention campaigns… along with the administrations, stakeholders and policy makers.

semFYC is a strong and committed scientific society, and a proud member of WONCA Europe with the local partners we represent, with the organizations we are collaborating with and the patients we serve, being aware that we all belong to this great global health and scientific community of Family Doctors.

Prof. Dr. Josep M. Vilaseca, PhD, MBA, MSc
Hon. Treasurer WONCA Europe
Member of the WONCA World Working Party on Quality and Safety (WWPQS)
Member of the WONCA World Working Party on Education (WWPE)