Message from out-going and in-coming WONCA Europe Presidents

Message from out-going WONCA Europe President, Anna Stavdal

It has been a privilege to serve on the WONCA Europe executive board for nine years, two terms as vice president, and the last term as president. I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the development of our organisation on three different executive boards, and under two former presidents, Toni Mathie and Job Metsemakers.

During these years, WONCA Europe has developed in to an organisation with a broad interface with other organisations working in and for primary care, like the European Forum for Primary Care. And we have achieved recognition with public health stakeholders, like the WHO. Altogether we have taken on a more political role, which is necessary in order to reach our goals – to lead the development of family medicine in Europe, and to achieve health for all through strong primary care with the family doctor in a key position.

I would like to thank all the great people I have been privileged to work with during my terms, I am more convinced than ever, that good team work is a requirement for success. I wish Mehmet Ungan the best of luck as he will now lead the organisation into the future.

Anna Stavdal


Message from in-coming WONCA Europe President, Mehmet Ungan

I am delighted to take on the leadership of family medicine in Europe, and also humbled and grateful to do so.

WONCA Europe is the largest organisation of family practioners, with membership that reaches across almost all of the WHO Europe region. Although we represent FPs/GPs from disparate educational backgrounds and FM/GP/primary health care settings, we all share the common goals of advancing family medicine, improving clinical practice, increasing patient access and safety, standardising education, improving quality, and disseminating research results from all member countries mainly through our conferences and through our European Journal of General Practice

Family medicine departments are producing good quality knowledge through science in primary health care, helping to guide public policy to improve and protect patient interests. WONCA Europe has been, and will be, at the forefront to lead these efforts. We are grateful to our past presidents for making this possible.

WONCA Europe continues to work closely with its Networks and Special Interest Groups to develop primary health care and foster the dissemination of best practices. Collaborative partnerships with organisations working towards common goals will enhance care for our patients, as well as help us to reach “health for all”.

I am grateful to Anna, to the Board, and to the Council for their stewardship over the past nine years.  

Mehmet Ungan