UEMO Assembly, 2 days just ended

WONCA Europe Executive Board participated in the UEMO GENERAL ASSEMBLY held on 28-29th May 2021. President of UEMO Dr. Calin Bumbulut chaired the AGM, and at the opening, both President Prof Shlomo Vinker and past President Prof Mehmet Ungan made small speeches. Wonca Europe fully participated on both days. A very productive meeting ended with many joint ideas to realize together as academic and political organizations of GPs/FDs in Europe. The UEMO logo will change as the European Union permission to use the logo is ending. In the coming days our partner will provide a new logo to put on our website.

That is so clear that the forces shall be joined on behalf of the public. That is important for the daily practice of GPs/FDs working across Europe as the backbone of the systems. As was mentioned in the UEMO AGM, every 1 pound invested into GPs brings back 3 pounds to the system, decreasing 3 pounds in hospital expenses.

There were nice surveys and data shared and were discussed during the AGM. The surveys are providing us an impression of what works well and what are problems across European GP. As the strength of PC services are binded to many other dynamics, they are prone to change frequently in any country but mainly in less developed countries. That means every 5 to 10 years it shall be monitored, and the GP/FD working conditions are to be adjusted together with the PC team members to maintain the Strength of PC. A monitoring system is essential without waiting for it to be done by the governments.

There were samples as follows. Total freedom for patients as all paid per each item but no gate keeping (BE), or per/capita system-cost control, continuity of care are all working well but doctors are dissatisfied because of high workload, poor conditions (RO), long consultation time for patients as the time of GP is well paid but a risk selection goes on by insurance companies (CH) or no doubt that patients can't afford treatment but patients do not value a free system (UK).

A discussion on UEMO-EABCME general principles for the accreditation system was interesting and a good collaboration seems to arise on this topic. Mehmet Ungan offered UEMO joint work on that and seems well accepted. An update on the specialty recognition, GP’s Value, vaccination policy, and statements were all interesting and hot topics.

Thanks to our strong partner, EB Members, and its MOs, we are looking forward to furthering our collaboration in Europe.