VdGM Fund Winner, Gulnaz Adilova, Reports From the WONCA Europe Conference

Salem! As Martin Luther King said, I had a dream, and my dream was to participate in an international conference on Family Medicine, because, family medicine is comparably in its early stages in Kazakhstan.

At present I study at West Kazakhstani State Medical University as a first year intern in Family Medicine. The 23rd Wonca Conference has been one of the most memorable experiences in my life, which took place in the historical city of Krakow. The organisation of the conference was excellent and fully corresponded to its slogan: "Quality, Efficiency, and Equity".

Everything was organised to the highest standard. Above all, the conference allowed students, teachers, and the scientific community to be involved in the discussion of real problems, which are relevant and innovative. There were lots of very interesting and significant issues regarding Family Medicine. One of them being vaccination, which is a pertinent issue in Kazakhstan.

The conference was educational. I had to choose my sessions carefully, as every speaker, and each presentation was highly insightful. The opportunity cost was high!

I learnt about a number of new clinical issues, as well as many new approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Vasco Da Gama gave me the opportunity to gather new information, that I can use in Kazakhstan,  and I have met different doctors from all over the world!

I was inspired by their scientific ideas on Family Medicine. It is because of the Vasco Da Gama movement, that I now want to connect my future with scientific engagements. I hope that someday I will see the doctors I met listening to one of my lectures in a similar conference!

When I came to Kazakshtan, the first place I visited was my university, where a conference regarding students’ involvement in Family Medicine was being held. I was one of the presenters, and I made sure I spoke of the Vasco Da Gama movement. I discussed its prime objectives, its structure, and above all the experience and knowledge I gained by attending the conference. I left my telephone number for those students who expressed an interest in participating in the future. By the time I arrived home, students had created a whatsapp group called “Gulnaz-Wonca”,  where they began listing their questions. Until today I am still sharing my photos with the group. 

I express my sincere gratitude to you for giving me the opportunity to attend this memorable event.  

Thank you and see you soon!

Sau Boliniz!


Gulnaz Adilova, VdGM Fund Winner Report