WONCA Europe Newsletter August 2020

WONCA Europe Newsletter August 2020

Dear WONCA Europe members, chairmans and presidents of our member organisations, networks and special interest groups, dear family doctors all around WONCA Europe region.

The last six months have challenged and stretched the medical profession across all specialities across the globe, family medicine included. We also face the uncertainty of the winter where we will be managing the challenges of covid-19 amongst other respiratory tract infections and winter pressures. Undoubtedly this has been a physically and mentally gruelling time for many, often without a break. As doctors, we are no strangers to hard work but there should be no shame in taking time out to look after ourselves. Roger Neighbour describes “housekeeping” as a process of ensuring that we, as doctors, are in the best condition to look after our patients. Understanding the effects of stress on us and therefore our consultations is essential in ensuring that we continue to give good patient care.

This month, we present the Turkish Association of Family Physicians (TAHUD) and Point of Care US.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the summer holiday season and has had some time to rest and recuperate and to spend time with loved ones. Don't forget to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.


On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Sonia Tsukagoshi, VdGM, Member at large
Shlomo Vinker, President Elect of WONCA Europe
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors

A generalist approach is not new; Family Medicine has always been and will always be!

Dear Members, Dear Colleagues

Sometimes we may not be aware of the history of the region that we live in. Knowing your own history is mostly useful for shaping a better future. Although WONCA Europe and its Networks have a history, the generalist approach and education in medicine also has a history if we look at ancient times. You can see where you come from, where you are going, and how successful you are to leave a good sign in this world - all are depending on a reference point called history. They say history is not exactly as it is written since it is influenced by politics with its many dimensions. However, I was surprised by the history of medical schools when I was at the beginning of my career in family medicine (FM) when I was reading FM textbooks as part of my learning. I wanted to summarise and share what I have read and lived. I remember when we used to talk between us residents from the various FM departments... Click here to read the rest of this article on our website.

Upcoming Events

The European Conference of Family Doctors (organised by DEGAM, WONCA member)
December 17-19, 2020, Berlin - Germany

First Rural Health e-Forum
September 18-19, 2020, Online Event

90th EGPRN Meeting
October 16-17, 2020, Online Event


Featured MO: Turkish Association of Family Physicians

By Prof. Dr. Esra Saatçı

The Turkish Association of Family Physicians (TAHUD) is the association of Family Doctors in Turkey with specialty training of three years. TAHUD is officially recognized by the Republic of Turkey and is a member of WONCA and WONCA Europe. The association is a member of TUK (Specialisation in Medicine Council) and provides legal advice, scientific, educational and administrative support to its individual members.

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Featured Association: European Association for the Development of Clinical Ultrasonography in Ambulatory Health Care (EADUS)

By Dr. Mihai JACOB

Created in 2016, the EUVEKUS (EADUS) is a non-profit, non-patrimonial, independent association with its legal personality, consisting of several family doctors, from all regions of Europe, practicing ultrasonography with competency and certified in general ultrasound and other ambulatory specialists. The EUVEKUS headquarters is in Vienna(Austria)...

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