WONCA Europe Newsletter June 2021 Edition

WONCA Europe Newsletter
June 2021

Dear members of WONCA Europe,

The numbers of Covid-infections decrease in many European regions, the situation has improved during the last weeks. Primary Care teams can slowly change to a normal work modus but have still to struggle with Covid-vaccinations – the way will end the pandemic. Maybe there will be times to relax and recover from the extra workload of the last months. However, there may be also time to get inspiration, e.g. from presentations given at the online WONCA Europe conference. Other sources for inspiration and thinking about the future may be provided by Amazon, which now runs pharmacies though the whole U.S. and opens the possibility that a U.S. consumer has never to leave the Amazon imperium. Or Apple which became active in primary care to role out a disruptive concept of healthcare which is linked to the companies devices and products. We should be aware of other players and changing conditions in our field and find ways to deal with it.


On behalf of WONCA Europe Executive Board
Thomas Frese, President-elect
Sonia Tsukagoshi, VdGM, Member at large
WONCA Europe Newsletter Editors

The WONCA Europe president’s corner – June 2021

Dear WONCA Europe members,

This is my first corner and in this corner, I will try to keep you all informed about the activities of our executive. I ask you to feel free to contact me on any topic that you would like to discuss with me or with our EB members.

In the last few months, we run elections to the position of WE President-Elect. The position became vacant, after the resignation of the previous president, Prof. Mehmet Ungan, and me stepping into the position. This is a good opportunity to send our appreciation for his long-lasting and valuable contribution to Family medicine and to WONCA. I am sure that he will continue to contribute for many years...

Professor Shlomo Vinker
WONCA Europe President

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Upcoming Events

26th WONCA Europe Conference
6 - 10 July 2021 - Virtual

New approaches to weight management – a best practice guide
30 June 2021 - Virtual

A practical guide to obesity pharmacotherapy
3 July 2021 - Virtual

VdGM Preconference 2021
5 - 6 July 2021 - Virtual & Amsterdam, The Netherlands

EFPC 2021
5 - 7 September 2021 - Bergen, Norway

10th EURIPA Rural Health Forum
23 - 25 September 2021 - Siedlce, Poland & Hybrid

EURACT Autumn Symposium
13 October 2021 - Online

93rd EGPRN Meeting
14 - 17 October 2021 - Halle, Germany
Abstract Submission: July 15th


Webinar recordings available on the website

The recordings of the first Wonca Europe webinar series on managing the cardiorenal risk in patients with and without type 2 diabetes is now available on the Wonca Europe website. You may view the recording by logging into your Wonca Europe account. The webinar was a success with over 100 attendees. The attendees had the oppurtunity to ask their questions to the presenters.

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An invitation to join a lifestyle medicine promotion working group within WONCA Europe.

Lifestyle medicine has evolved during the last decade concurrently with the dramatic rise in the prevalence of preventable chronic diseases that can be avoided or postponed or managed better with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. According to the World Health Organization's about two thirds of the diseases around the world are related to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors...

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An Accredited Case-based CME Programme on COVID-19 in Family Medicine

We are proud to announce the realisation of a new initiative from the joint effort of WONCA Europe and EURACT: an accredited case-based CME programme on COVID-19 in family medicine.

This unique programme is freely available on the PinPoint Case Platform, through the kind support of ISSECAM (an independent international CME provider), and offers relevant learning points for clinicians interested in different aspects of patient management during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you prefer to receive every 2 weeks a Clinical Case in your mailbox...

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Minutes from the Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Family Medicinine (UAFM) in Kyiv, June 2021

On 03-05.06.2021, UAFM held an all-Ukrainian scientific-practical online conference with international participation. The topic was "PRIMARY CARE: TODAY CHALLENGES AND WAYS TO OVERCOME".

Organization of primary health care, science, and education in the field of FM, the response of primary health care to epidemic challenges, development of new and updating of existing medical and technological documents were considered. The conference was visited online by more than 2,000 family doctors from all regions of the country...

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Results of the WONCA Europe President-Elect Election 2021-2025

Due to the resignation of Prof. Mehmet Ungan, and the fact that Prof Shlomo Vinker replaced him as the President, a postal ballot to elect a new President-Elect was initiated according to the WONCA Europe bylaws.

After the call to nominate candidates for the position of the President-Elect and the subsequent presidency sent out on 15 th March 2021, to all Member Organizations of WONCA Europe...

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EGPRN publishes abstract book for their 92nd meeting

European General Practice Research Network has published the abstract book for their 92nd meeting which was held online. EGPRN published the abstract books from it's conferences with an ISBN number for easier referencing. The latest abstract book contains over 70 abstracts that were presented at their meeting. This abstract book as well as books from past meetings are available on their website for download.

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Europen Cancer Organization (E.C.O) Meeting on Primary Prevention

As WONCA Europe President and past presidents we were invited and have attended in Europen Cancer Organization (E.C.O) Meeting on Primary Prevention that took place online from 13:00 to 16:00 CEST, 28 May 2021, and co-chaired by Matti Aapro, President of the E.C.O, and Rui Medeiros, President of the Association of European Cancer Leagues. That was a fruitful and effective meeting with presentations and discussions on prevention under many topics. Alcohol, tobacco, diet, lifestyle, and obesity were the main subtitles....

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UEMO Assembly, 2 days just ended

WONCA Europe Executive Board participated in the UEMO GENERAL ASSEMBLY held on 28-29th May 2021. President of UEMO Dr. Calin Bumbulut chaired the AGM, and at the opening, both President Prof Shlomo Vinker and past President Prof Mehmet Ungan made small speeches. Wonca Europe fully participated on both days. A very productive meeting ended with many joint ideas to realize together as academic and political organizations of GPs/FDs in Europe. The UEMO logo will change as the European Union permission to use the logo is ending. In the coming days our partner will provide a new logo to put on our website...

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