WONCA Europe Open Meeting: Primary care at a digital crossroads

The WONCA Europe Open Meeting will be held at the 2019 WONCA Europe Conference in Bratislava. 
Venue: Slovak National Theatre, Opera Hall, Bratislava, Slovakia 
When: Thursday 27 June at 11.15AM


Digital health is increasingly playing a role in supporting health care systems to deliver equitable, affordable and high-quality services. Around our region, governments have used technology to accelerate reforms, address demographic and epidemiological changes, and tackle inequalities in their endeavour to achieve integrated, people-centred care.

A wide range of innovations are disrupting health care: accessing and sharing health information, issuing e-prescriptions, using teleconsultation and mobile health solutions, employing decision-support tools and advanced analytical methods, and supporting medical education. The advent of advanced computing systems, artificial intelligence and genomics is bound to strengthen a precision-medicine approach.

The technological disruption has also brought about a shift and redistribution of the roles and tasks of the patients, workforce, leadership, and private sector.

What does all this mean for patients, family doctors and the primary health care team? How can we ensure focus on quality of care, patient safety, accessibility and sustainability? This session will solicit opinions and the experience of a panel to attain an understanding of how digitalisation is changing the primary care landscape, which the expected and unforeseen implications may be, and how trust can be established.


  • Clayton Hamilton, Division of Health Systems and Public Health, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe
  • Nick Guldemond, Associate Professor of Integrated Care and Technology, Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University


  • Radoslav Herda, founder of two patient organizations SLOVAK PATIENT and Slovak Alliance of Rare Diseases
  • Anna Stavdal, WONCA President Elect
  • Andree Rochefort, Director of Quality Improvement & Doctors Health in Practice Programme, Irish College of GPs
  • Pramendra Prasad Gupta, Chair of the WONCA Working Party on eHealth


  • Harris Lygidakis, (immediate past) Honorary Secretary of WONCA Europe, PhD student at the University of Luxembourg