World Family Doctor Day message from Prof. Mehmet Ungan

Dear Colleagues,

11th World Family Doctor Day (WFD) celebration is on May 19.  It was first declared in 2010. It is a day to highlight the role and contribution of family doctors in healthcare systems worldwide. It is now more visible all over the world when family doctors' role and the primary care functions changed due to COVID-19 pandemics. We quickly adapted to a new reality and work in the frontline, despite the lack of PC guidelines, lack of PPE especially at the beginning, and sometimes in fear with the health of our patients, our families and naturally ourselves.

Today we are celebrating WFD but also feeling sad about our colleagues who passed away while trying to stop this viral infection. They are heroes ! WONCA Europe will never forget!

Science is the only truth and while leading our organizations, our PHC teams we are truly following scientific evidence for putting the “health for all” target of the WHO into practice. Those core competencies, skills, and scientific input of our discipline are worth mentioning once more on this special day for Family Doctors. The stronger scientific approach the stronger Family Doctors and the better PHC.

Congratulations to you all for our day, stay proud and united please. Do not forget, together we shall overcome. Hoping to celebrate our day in a better world. Wish you health and peace.

Prof. Mehmet Ungan
WONCA Europe Past President